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Here is a list of my most popular posts this month:

  1. Habitat Tutorial – Part 4 Roofing

  2. VA Disability Claims and Appeals Process

  3. What the homeless need most

  4. Sex Offender Locator Mapping Tool from John Walsch

  5. Homeless Veterans – Pictures vs Facts

  6. The Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Have Run Away

  7. Habitat Tutorial – Part 3

     8.    FACT: 43% of Homeless Males Over 25 are Veterans

     9.    Homeless Veterans – Facts, Links and the numbers

     10.  Homeless Youth – Some Random Facts That May Scare You

The following three fell just short of the top picks, but just barely:

Homeless Veterans – An Overview of the Problem

Homeless Veterans – Facts By the Numbers

Im a 16 year old run away

All Time Popular, More than Five Thousand  Views Each:

       Homeless Veterans – Pictures vs Facts

         VA Disability Claims and Appeals Process

        Sex Offender Locator Mapping Tool from John Walsch

        What the homeless need most

        FACT: 43% of Homeless Males Over 25 are homeless

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7 responses to “Top Ten Posts This Month

  1. Hi Oldtimer, I’m surfing the web for resources. I’m in the planning process of develorping a food program for homeless high school students. Your site has been very helpful. I would like to speak with you personally. You can email me at the above email address. Thanks and GOD bless you K*M

  2. Hello Oldtimer, I really appreciate that you are highlighting the realities of veterans/homeless people’s lives. I work with a nonprofit organization called IssueLab. Each month we focus on a social issue and present a body of research done by nonprofits on the subject. This month, our CloseUp is on veteran health and I thought you and your readers might be interested in checking the articles out. You can find the CloseUp here–

    Thank you!

  3. I am part of a group called Volunteers for hire. We are a group that came together in respones to President Obamas call for people to do community service

    I am wondering if you can use any volunteers in the Boynton Beach area

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can be of help to you

    Barbara Baral

  4. Hello Oldtimer!
    I am a girl that wanted to serve her country, but for medical reasons, was unable to. I want to start a charity for our heroes, but I am not sure where to start. I want to provide a better helping hand than the “commercial” charities already out there, but I don’t know how to distinguish myself. What are your thoughts? What do our heroes need most?


  5. Would like to commend you on your blog.
    US Navy Vietnam 64-67
    CIA 68-97
    Ratheon 97-05

    Best Regards.
    Medford, Oregon

  6. Just one Old Timer,
    Can’t say that I’m’n Old-Timer, but for yourself as one, I think your doing pretty good work and taking this blog in some pretty dusty places; tough spots, and the likes that is, to what it takes to get there, most people don’t exactly plan for those parts; taking that, towards a look at your view of some pretty good work being done and a lot of people working together to make accomplishments. Much Thanks and Appreciation!
    On the link above “the top 10 posts of the month” I gathered my thoughts to add comment here towards the likes of one note “More Than 5 thousand views each”.
    Its my thoughts of some other things out there in the world that have rung up some big visit numbers, the notice being just that “to know” the interests is that “its interesting that the world (or area) has such a big interest”.
    A recent Robin Hood YouTube trailer went to 6 million…
    Times are getting tough for many.
    Thanks again!

  7. What’s to; How about the Veterans Adminstration has failed in their mission everyway, Possible! I am Sueing the United States of America for simple Genocides Vietnam ERA Veterans the et al. The murder of thousand and thousands has happened over the last forty years and continues to this day. Somewhere in the United States a Vietnam Veteran dies from Neglect, Malpractice, Malfeanse, Abuse, Denial of Benefits, denial health Care, Denial of proper Druge. Along with the aforementioned, wait times for Beneifits have No due process in anykind of reasonable time. Requests for life saving treatment can take years.

    The Veterans Administration works for it’s self fulling needs, Big Bonus, Corruption, Contractor fruad, system awards for employees (quotas) so it appears they have made those quota’s. Destroying records, delaying benefits, Changing Dates on Documents.

    My answer is One Hundred and fifty Billion dollars and change. So any Vietnam Veteran wants out of the Veterans Administration, just Cash Out. This would do two things One Veterans could get Health Care they need. Two they would be able to cash out on their Compensation benefits.

    The Veterans Administration has proven they can not service all the Veterans in the United States and all the Wars past and present. Removing the Vietnam Veterans from their rolls would lessen their tasks hugely.

    They have a system that can not help all their Veterans and their issues.

    In the United States Federal Court of Claims files April, 2010, By Pro se, John Rose

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