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Habitat Build July 15 – Dedication Day!

Cover of dedication folderToday was Dedication Day for Joi’s new home.   Dedication day is when we dedicate the house to the Lord and turn over the keys to the homeowner.  She gets a hammer, some gifts, and a Bible as well.  Plus lots of good will.   Every body loves her.

The house is ready, and there are no known issues.  She is not quite able to move in yet, as the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the city has not been issued yet – but it is coming.  

As a matter of fact, it is beautiful.  One of the prettiest and blemish-free houses I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on – a reflection of the beauty of Joi’s smile.  

Partly also because of the eagle eyes of Jeff Vanderlip and Jim Miller any and all potential problems were caught early and immediately corrected.  Jeff is our official Site Project Manager (SPM) and Jim is our honorary SPM.   Together they have probably built as many Habitat houses as anyone else in the world. 

The picture above is the front cover of the program used for the dedication.  The inside and back are in the slide show.  The slide show has 44 pictures, including the complete dedication cerimony and pictures of all the guests and the President of Cobb Habitat for Humanity John Kerwood.   

You simply have to go to one of these dedication events to hear the wonderful “Amens”, “Praise the Lord”, and experience for yourself the Holy Spirit at work.  Pictures do not do the wonder of this experience justice!

Enjoy.  Simply click on any picture to see the slide show.  If you are interested in downloading or obtaining a copy of any photo, click on the link above the slide show and you will get a montage of all the pictures.  Click on any one of these and you will get a larger one.  Or click on “details” to see larger ones of all of them and you can also comment.  To get a full size photo (highest resolution), you need to click again until only one photo is shown, and then look above the photo for “All Sizes” (find it above the photo).    Downloads are free and you can print them at home. 

Copy Service 

Flickr has a copy service that allows one hour pickup at a nearby Target store at very reasonable prices if you need a print from a retail store, or you can have it mailed to you.

You can click on “Order Prints” which is located to the right of the “All Sizes” link.   There will be a number of choices and options where you can add prints to a “shopping cart”.   Eventually you will get to a page where you can select Target pickup or have them mailed to you. Or you can cancel, so if you want to know the costs, just pick one and take it to checkout, then cancel at anytime – empty your cart if you think it is unreasonable.   Habitat, the Presbyterian Coalition, and I get nothing but the pleasure  of presenting these for your photo album.

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There are 15 posts describing the construction of Joi’s house.  To see all the Habitat posts and all the slide shows, click here or on the link on the right, labeled “All Habitat For Humanity Articles.” and this site will pull them all together for you.  No need to skip around.

Viewing all Habitat Photos for 2007 

There are 10 sets of photos for Joi’s homebuilding (day by day) gathered into a collection.  To see a collection of all the Habitat photos for the 2007 build of Joi’s house on one page where you can select, view, download, copy or view a slide show of each day, click here – Collection of Habitat Photos .

Selected Photos

Finished house

Finished house, soon to be Joi’s home. 

Logo of the Presybterian Coalition 

This house was sponsored and built by the Presbyterain Coalition of Cobb County (GA) with the help of numerous church and other volunteers and the constantly smiling Joi.

Handing over the hammer

Jeff Vanderlip, Presenting the hammer to Joi

Joi receiving the keys

Mark Rittenhour presenting the key ring

Smallerst Guest

Smallest Guest – Isn’t she a beauty!  Wonderful.

Joi and guests

Joi (left ) and Guests

More Guests

More Guests,  Joi’s ministers, friends and family

Sample plaque.

Sample of the plaque given to all the churches by Cobb Habitat for Humanity.This one happens to be my church.  Nice touch.  We have a bunch of them hanging on our walls.

To see the slide show and more pictures, click here or on any of the pictures above.   The ones below don’t link.

Selection of Photos from earlier slideshows 

Landscaping day

Landscaping Challange “Grass, you’re going Down!”

Joi's Smile

Joi – try to smile once in a while!  Isn’t that a pretty smile?


Siding going up

End of First Day 

First Day – Show of Progress!  That’s Joi in the pink, working.

First Wall

First Wall – Photo Opportunity everyone!



To see all the Habitat posts and all the slide shows, click on the link on the right, labeled “All Habitat For Humanity Articles” (or here).    To see a collection of all the Habitat photos (in sets by day) for the 2007 build of Joi’s house on one page where you can select, view, download, copy or view a slide show of each, click here – Collection of Habitat Photos .  There are 408 photos.  You gotta be in there somewhere!  (Well, I did miss three photo days that I know of:  Layout day, roofing day, and cleanup day.  Sorry about that.)

Here is another important linkThe Presbyterian Cobb Habitat for Humanity official web site where you will find more pictures and information, and other links.

To see all Homeless Veterans Articles

To see all Homeless Youth Articles


Habitat Build June 15, 2007

sign for this Joi's homeWe had not expected to be working today, Friday, the last day before landscaping, but it was on the schedule just-in-case, and here we are, working.    Unfortunately the word had gotten around that we were probably not working today and many took it simply without the “probably” – not working.   Nine showed up.   That is ok, as we still accomplished what we wanted to do.  Have it ready for landscaping Saturday when lots of people show up – usually.   The goal was to finish the second coat of the inside and outside painting.   We did that.   Work continued on the soffit and aluminum fascia.   The reduced work crew slowed that down but progress was made.  It can be finished Saturday while others landscape.

Concrete Contractors

Gas Line InstallationThe poor concrete contractors had another bad day.  The first thing that happened was the gas company came in to install their line to the house.  So naturally the form left for the rest of the sidewalk came down.  The gas company backhoe quickly dug the trench and the line was installed, but the forms remained down. 

Later in the day, the graders came in to prep the lot for the volunteers.  That meant another trek across the area for the sidewalk with heavy equipment and the rest of the forms came down.   Now there is no trace of the sidewalk forms and the ground has been filled in too high so it needs to be dug out again.  The concrete contractor was not around to see the damage.  I feel pretty certain that Rickey, the contractor, has seen all this many times and allows for it.


Then the sod came and again the area was breached as pallets of sod were placed around the lot.    Let’s see:  Electrical, gas, grading, and sod across their forms.  Four times is the charm. 

 Once again I was an outside trim painter and managed to get the second coat of paint all around the house.  Looking good.   Some of the women worked both inside and outside to finish up the second coats on each.   “Pretty Boy” aka “Nine Fingers” aka “Rock Doctor” Miller put on the front shutters and did some of the cutting for the soffit installation among other things.  He is an all around can and will do whatever is needed person.

Gray Ghosts

 Gray GhostsJim Miller is one of the Gray Ghosts – an organization of mostly retired contractors and experienced builders.  The volunteers usually work Saturdays, and then the Site Project Manager puts in a call to the unofficial scheduler of the Gray Ghosts, asking if they can put them on their schedule to fix things that some volunteer didn’t do quite right, or to complete a job that must be done in order to meet inspections or to put the house back on schedule.   These men and women volunteers usually work on Wednesdays and slip in, fix things and slip back out without volunteers seeing them.  Thus when the volunteers show up again the next weekend and wonder how that wall, porch or roof got fixed, the answer is “it must have been a ghost”.

SPM’s work on one house at a time, but the Gray Ghosts work on any house that needs it, so sometimes they split up and work on several different homes and sometimes they finish one job and then start on another house.   The Ghosts work on a purely volunteer basis.   If one has something else pressing on a particular Wednesday, he or she simply doesn’t show up and no call is made and no excuses needed.  Yet there always seem to have enough.   The Ghosts do not answer to the Habitat for Humanity organization, but are so well respected and so useful to the cause, that one can call for a door or other supply need and someone from Habitat will bring it right out.  They usually have access to anything they need and often buy lumber or other material and submit receipts for reimbursement without question.

Many of the Gray Ghosts are SPMs themselves both here in Cobb and also in the surrounding counties.  Jim has built so many Habitat houses, he likely doesn’t know  the count.  They are truly dedicated special people.

The slide show for today is here or click on any picture above.

Tomorrow:  Landscaping!