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scared to say anything and about to give up

scared to say anything and about to give up

Oldtimer’s note:  This was copied without permission from the NRS.  I plan to ask, but I’m hoping the end justifies the means.   Meantime, visit their site.  There are a lot of links on this site in my previous post in case you find this article standing alone somewhere.

Find this NPR call for help on this bulletin board:  

I’m 12 years old and live with my step dad and my mom. My step dad hits me and does other things to me. I had told my mom and all she tells me is that its my fault for i should behave and he wouldn’t do that.I’m scared to sleep at night cause he comes in my room. thought about running away and I’m thinking about suicide actually I’m not thinking I’m planning it. I just can’t handle this anymore. I know or actually i feel its my fault so maybe i should get rid of the problem and that problem is me. I could really use some help from you people responding to me. thank you for listening to me

Reply from NRS

Thank you for contacting the National Runaway Switchboard. It sounds like a really difficult situation for you at home right now. There are several agencies out there willing and wanting to help youth in your position. 1)RAINN (RAPE ABUSE INSEST NATIONAL NETWORK) 1-800-656-4673 2) NATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINE 1-800-273-TALK. Both of these hotlines are 24 hours a day, just like ours at 1-800-RUNAWAY. We are ALWAYS here to listen, not blame or judge just listen. If there is ever a time that you want to talk please feel free to call one of the hotlines. Best Wishes

Scared Answers:

thank you i had called and now i’m in a safe place. i thank you for those numbers. but is it normal to still be scared about everything still?

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Sex Offender Locator Mapping Tool from John Walsh

Sex Ofender Mapping Tool 

John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted and Steve Roddel of Family Watchdog have joined with the National Sex Offender Registry to provide a unique and powerful mapping tool to locate registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, anywhere in the U.S.A.  FREE!

All you need to do is click on the link below, enter your address and almost instantly you will get a map of your neighborhood with color coded symbols for various types of sex offenders and their locations. Schools are also shown.  Click on a school to get its name and location and the distance to the nearest registered sex offender.  Click on a sex offender symbol and get a picture, an address, and how far from you he/she lives.  You can click again and find out what kind of offences are applicable.   

Some things to make it easier.  Use Internet Explorer for best results.  I found my Netscape was not up to the mapping capability.   With Internet Explorer, you can zoom in, navigate to nearby neighborhoods, and even bring up a satelite image with the streets and offender codes overlaid on it with your house marked right where you left it.  

You need to know, just so you don’t get too confident over the safety of your neighborhood, that you need to look along the top edge of your map.   It will show you how many “non-mappable” offenders are in the area.   If you click on the “list” at the top, you can see a complete list of the non-mappable offenders.  Thes include those in jail, but it also includes some that may be on your street, but the street number could not be found in the map index and so the address is given, but it won’t be mapped because it has no exact place to put it down.   You can at least find their picture and know from the address they are close by.   Anyway, this is powerful stuff.  Excellent application of several technologies.   Good work guys and gals.  

Click here: Map of Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

Since you found it here, send your friends and family to this site or else directly to the registry so that they can check their own neighborhoods.   

I found a convicted child molestor in a nearby neighborhood that lives in some woods only 290 feet from an elementary school.  Next door actually, with the woods leading right up to the school grounds.   Another school had 5 child molestors within 1/2 mile, the closest within 1000 feet.   Not a good idea.

In a few weeks, when I begin a series on the adult homeless population, I’ll give you a link to a dynamic map of the homeless as they move around.   Quite amazing.   The homeless are counted every week and mapped into a system that shows their location (no names) and then all are plotted on a map (as dots).   Then the maps are shown in sequence like an old time movie, but smoothed  so that you can see just how mobile the homeless in a big city can be.    Stay tuned. 

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Sex Offenders Going Homeless

This is not quite off topic for homeless youth.   Child molesters are listed in the sex offender registry.  They are the worst of the worst, preying on the helpless and the young, unwise and unwary.   They are on the move.   Nationally, many local and state governments have tightened up their laws, pushing the sex offenders away from schools, churches, parks and playgrounds, driving them out of homes because they now live too close to a temptation.   So the sex offenders are on the move, trying to find some place they can live.   It’s not easy. 

The unintended consequence is that many are going skedaddle, vamoose, or as the law calls it, absconded.    Some find homelessness a perfect cover.  Nobody asks questions and since homeless are everywhere, the park next to that girl’s club or boy’s club or the clump of trees across from the middle school suits them just fine.   And, if a homeless youngster, street kid, runaway, foster child out of foster care, or the wayward child cutting through the woods shows up, the child predator is ready to befriend them.  

Homeless youth are often sexually abused when they are on the streets.  Many take cover with an older person or adult that will “protect” them or provide food in return for sexual favors.   Not a good thought.  It is a perfect setup for a child molester driven out of his home.

I read that eight sex offenders in Pensacola have been relocated by the sheriff’s dept to a bridge across a causeway.   Not just to the bridge but under it.   They even send someone out every day to check them in for the night.  

How many times have you seen youngsters fishing from such bridges?   Have you ever gone under one to play?   I have, great adventure for boys wanting to get their feet wet or to find a shady place to fish.  Bad things can happen while daddy fishes from the middle of the bridge.  Homeless youth often hang out under bridges, just like adult homeless.

All I have to say is that we need better ways to track these people.  They stand prepared to give the homeless a bad name.  

Next post I’ll give you a powerful tool to locate the registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.  Unfortunately, you have no way to know if any of the homeless are also sex offenders as they are very likely not registered.  Right now, don’t worry too much about that.   The homeless generally have a code of ethics that would rival any of us.   Believe it or not, most homeless are quite lawful and will eject anyone that would bring any attention to themselves by criminal acts.  The problem comes when several sex predators join up and seek out children, as happened recently in Atlanta.  

Homeless street kids have very little chance of getting by without sexual abuse, often by a predator that has befriended them and offered protection.  Yeah, right.  Our job is to get the kids off the street and into some sort of protective home.   That is the very best we can hope for, because the predators will always be with us, lurking and waiting.