Complete List of Oldtimer’s Posts

This list came about because of the way blogs work.  Once an article is posted, all the previous posts are pushed down. Eventually, the oldest posts are so far down they are never seen again.  But some of these are the most important I have.   Very few of these posts go stale.

There is no easy way to create a list like this but here it is:  This is a list starting from the most read to the least read.   Unfortunately that favors the all time most popular at the expense of the most recent posts which may have been out only a few days.  So look at the other two lists first:  Most popular in last 2 days and most popular this month.  Then come back and pick and choose from the list below.     I won’t update this more often than about once a month, so don’t expect the newest ones here, so it is technically almost the complete list.  You will notice that some of the titles are truncated, but that is part of the list gathering process. 

You might use your edit search feature to find key words if you are looking for a particular title.

Happy hunting.

Homeless Veterans – Pictures vs Facts
Veteran’s Day – November 11, 2007
Sex Offender Locator Mapping Tool from John Walsch
VA Disability Claims and Appeals Process
What the homeless need most
FACT: 43% of Homeless Males Over 25 are homeless
Homeless Veterans – Overview of the Problem
Military Tradition – History of Veterans
Homeless Veterans – An Overview of the Problem
Homeless Veterans – Facts, Links and the
Homeless Youth – Some Random Facts That
Veteran Disability Determination Changes
Homelessness Among Children and Youth ��
Homeless Veterans Protest
Pictures – I’ve got Pictures!
The Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Have Run Awa
A Few Street Kids
Homeless Veterans – Recent Study
Picture Worth Thousand Words
Im a 16 year old run away
How many of the Homeless are Youth?
FACT: 43% of Homeless Males Over 25 are
About what Oldtimer says
Homeless Veterans Chart 1997-2006 Change
Veterans Charities – The Good The Bad an
Fourteen Year Old Girl Cry for Help
“Why Would Someone Chose Homeless” – Hom
How many homeless youth are there?
Personality Disorder – Not PTSD says Mil
Habitat Build Day June 14, 2007 – Blitz
Homeless Disabled Woman Arrested trying
Homeless Youth and Drugs – In a Street K
Common Myths About Youth Homelessness
Habitat Build 2007 Slide Show and Pictur
Top Ten Posts This Month
Homeless Veterans – Facts By the Numbers
Help Support the Homeless – List of supp
Good Start – Pictures
Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans sue US go
Personality Disorder Video by ABC’s Bob
PTSD Videos for Veterans
Understanding And Preventing Teenage Run
DoD Disability Evaluation System
How Homeless Youth Earn Money
Homeless Kids and School
National Stats for Runaway Youth
VA Announces 33 cent per day Grants for
Ten Signs of Child Abuse
Vital Mission: Ending Homelessness Among
Stand Down – Faith Hope Love Charity
GPD – Grant and Per Diem Program for Hom
How to Get the Most Out of These Posts
Military Tradition – Veterans Abused, D
Marietta Georgia – No compassion for hom
Homeless Map – Can you find me?
Homeless Youth Project
Homeless Veterans – History Repeating It
Habitat Build Day Saturday June 9, 2007
Homeless Kids and Bus Stops
Las Vegas Homeless Youth Survey
Foster Kids – Many face homelessness (1
VA Allocates $1.37 per Homeless Vet per
Homeless Veterans – Seldom Noted But All
Video – The Soldier’s Heart – PTSD a Fr
Canadians have poor opinion of USA homel
Veterans Should Know This About Job Disc
Habitat Build Day June 13, 2007 and Sli
Desert Storm Veteran on the Streets
Sex Offenders Going Homeless
Barack Obama: Veterans/Poverty Headlines
Wounded warriors battle with VA – Story
Starbucks – What were you thinking!
“Houseless and Homeless Not Same Thing”
Homelessness Through the Lens of a Camer
How much is a homeless person worth?
Homeless mobile homes
Homeless Veteran Kicked out of Starbucks
Evicted Marietta Homeless man froze to d
Program for homeless N.H. vets could clo
Homeless Veterans – Recent Study
54 Ways to Help the Homeless
Habitat Build – August 10, 11 – Decorati
Soldier Who Captured Saddam has PTSD, Bu
Driver Prevented From Wearing Hat Honori
Another Reason we need a strong Army!
PTSD – Some Help for Veterans
VA Research Factsheet on PTSD
December 21 – Homeless Memorial Day
Lead Paint Mania – Are we going Overboar
Video – Soldiers with PTSD
VA Stats at a Glance
Runaway and Homeless Youth: Demographics
Help lags for homeless female veterans
Homeless Hammered by Heat
Depleted Uranium Video – US using weapon
PTSD vet ‘chooses’ homelessness
Back from Iraq – and suddenly out on the
Effectiveness of Non-Profit Shelter Prog
OK, the Fight is on – VFW/Flags vs Marie
McCain Praises Project for Homeless Vets
Homeless Veteran in Ohio cites Cat, “Com
Souper Bowl Feb 3d 2008
Returning Vets: GI Bill Failing Them
Homeless Vietnam Veterans Outnumber Viet
Meet Antonio – Veteran Hero
A Very Good Start
Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI and Spinal
Meet the Mayor and Council of the City T
Homeless Veteran Videos You Should See
North Dakota Veteran’s Home under Demoli
Veteran Charity Bad News Tommy Franks
Stand Down for Homeless Veterans – Latha
PTSD Payments Vary State to State
GAO Testimony – DOD and VA
Too Little – Too Late – 7300 Homeless Ve
Ministering to the Homeless 7
Veterans conquer flag restriction
Youth Homelessness Defined
Veterans Protest Over ‘Lack Of Care’ Out
Thanksgiving, Wounded Marine Welcomed Ho
News Flash! Army Reports on Delayed PTS
Tables Turned – Homeless hater now Homel
Obama Discusses Plan to Improve Veterans
Ministering to the Homeless 1
VA Health Enrollment Process
Depleted Uranium Video – You Decide
Complaint alleges surgical incompetance
Homeless Veteran Hasseled at Truck Stop
Homeless Vets? Not Again!
Predators – What are you searching for?
Survey of 1,200 Homeless Veterans
When Laws Should not be Enforced
Ministering to the Homeless 2
The New Homeless
Homeless in Nashville
Habitat Build – June 16, 2007 Landscapin
Home from Wars and Homeless
Our fight for the homeless, some stories
Homeless Goat Patrol
One Cold Night, Four Homeless Deaths in
From Serving in Iraq To Living on the St
Report – Scientific Progress – Gulf War
Neighbors Vs Good Neighbors
Marietta and Cobb County short 690 beds
Oldtimer Speaks more about recalls
Veteran Job Opportunities Continued
Veterans Benefits Administration Work Lo
PTSD vets soon coming like tsunami
Hire Vets First
Oh for a place to Rest! Homeless anti
Habitat Build Day June 12, 2007 Blitz W
Pictures of Homeless Friends
To The Rescue – Video
scared to say anything and about to give
Injured Troops Struggle to Get Health Ca
Good News! Patriot Guard – Mission Accom
Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program
Surge Seen in Number of Homeless Veteran
Homeless Vets Have Champion?
Slide Shows: Habitat Pictures
Why are Veterans Homeless?
Habitat Build July 15 – Dedication Day!
OUCH! Our Habitat Homeowner Robbed of B
Side Issue – Helping Others
A Host of Friends by a Homeless Friend
Shelters take many vets of Iraq, Afghan
City routinely breaks own laws, but no e
Still on the Road (words of a homeless
Memorial Day
Donations for Robbed Habitat Homeowner R
They are still out there
Vets on the Street
Ministering to the Homeless 4
Cold to the Bone
On Guns and the Wild West
REFORM NEEDED: Brain-injured vets gettin
Homeless Veterans – An Overview of the P
Flags Fly in Marietta after all!
Habitat Build June 15, 2007
Ministering to the Homeless 3
Vigil honors homeless who died
Research – Unaccompanied and Homeless Yo
Mother’s Day
Vietnam Veteran Loses Arm for Second Tim
My Rights
scared to say anything and about to give
Iraq vets and the homeless
Report: Veteran Homelessness on the Rise
Legion Plans Rooms For Homeless Vets
My Rights
Homeless Veterans Want to Be Remembered
Homeless Veteran Fellowship
Drive By Missions
Ministering to the Homeless 6
Homeless Bedlam: 25 to the Bed!
VA overrates its success stories
Monk & Neagle, The Twenty-First Time
Watch the screen – its Snowing!
Homeless Vets Attempt to Deliver Petitio
Video Homeless Veterans – Disabled Vete
Habitat House – Dinner on the Slab
National Runaway Switchboard
The ‘equal opportunity war’ bring equal
Meeting with Police Chief Fruitful
Booklet – Juvenile Runaways
City of Marietta Response
Clinic Wins Legal Victories for the Home
Who you gonna Call?
Time To Step Up To The Plate
Marietta Homeless Steve Talks About Mark
Front Line to Back of Line – Homeless Ve
Women Warriors
Homeless Friend
New Series on Homeless Youth
Ministering to the Homeless 5
Nut Cases with Guns
Dinner on the Slab
Educational Rights of Homeless Youth
Providing Homeless Vets With Proper Buri
Report – Homeless Young Adults Ages 18-2
How to Get the Most out of These Posts
Highways and By-Ways Ministry
The Notice
Is This Any Way to Support Our Troops?

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