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Watch the screen – its Snowing!

Merry Christmas to ALL! 

Check out the picture in my banner.  Watch a few seconds and it will actually start snowing on my baby deer!   It happens in Georgia from time to time, but this light snowfall isn’t sticking however.  Thanks to WordPress for the Christmas Gift of a snowy blog.

(UPDATE – Jan 4th 2008:  Well, the snowstorm is over.  WordPress allowed the snow only until Jan 2, so it is gone now.)  

We had 18 family members to our Christmas Eve lunch!   9 Adults and 9 grandchildren.   Everybody brought presents for everybody else.   What a mess that was as our tradition is to open family gifts on Christmas Eve and honor Christ on Christmas Day, the greatest gift of all!  (The little ones still get Santa Clause visits however).  

Oldtimer’s correction:  In actuality, gifts from children are usually combined with the parents gifts and they also don’t bring gifts for their siblings to our house.   I greatly overstated it when I said “everybody brought presents for everybody else”.   There were 4 families there and each of the kids got something from each family.   I received 6 gifts altogether and love every one of them.   ‘Twas more than enough.   Let’s see:  4 shirts, a book and a 20 questions game.

Christ was and is remembered in the midst of all the fun going on in our house.   Blessings were said in remembrance of Him and in remembrance of our troops, the homeless and our friends.  Afterward we went to our respective churches for candlelight services.

I hope you all have a happy new year and peace and grace for the remainder of your days.