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Nut Cases with Guns

The trouble, as I see it, is you can’t tell the law abiding citizen that shows up to buy a gun legally from the fellow that is off his medicine and plotting to kill as many as possible who also shows up to buy a gun legally. Somehow it seems necessary to find a way to sort out these people from the ones who won’t do such a thing and/or tone down the firepower by a considerable measure.

Cho Seung-hui purchased both guns legally and carefully observed the waiting period between them.   Yet he clearly planned to go on a murderous rampage early on.    A nut case with a gun.  Most people would say it is a given that most of the more senseless shootings are by the nut cases of our society.  I won’t cite them, but please show me where I’m wrong.

There is no question that there are many deaths every year from gangsters robbing someone, from gangs trying to make a name or to pass initiation rites, from spouses killing spouses, and from victims shooting in self defense and many other situations where insanity (other than claimed temporary) is not a real factor.  Greed, jealousy, pride yes, but insanity no.  

Yet the mass killings and the serial killings are clearly done by unbalanced individuals, sometimes two insane people that have, through some misfortune of fate, found and feed on each other.  

Somehow we need to find a way to sort these nut cases out before they get to the gun shop.  Maybe more should be done to strengthen our reporting laws when these people begin to show telltale signs.  

Either that or reduce the firepower of the weapons back to the good old days when a six shooter could only shoot six and you had to cock and pull the trigger each time.    We had a magazine capacity limitation on that weapon, but it was removed so a larger capacity could be used.  Whose idea was that?   Surely not the gun lobby?

If I am going to be in a classroom with a nut case, I would want him or her, but usually him, to have a pea shooter, not an automatic or semi-automatic weapon.  Maybe one which swiveled around to point the wrong way between firing and had to be repositioned each time…  Gimme a chance.

On Guns and the Wild West

Ok, for my first performance, I’m ready to take on one of the most powerful organizations in the world.  I never planned to go up against an unfettered gun lobby but something happened in Virginia that shook my world.  I’ve got to say it.

I understand the need for the politicians to have money and support in their campaigns to stay in office. The truth is, the gun lobby is a powerful machine whether ally or foe. Most politicians are quite willing to take a few pieces of silver to put all of us in the cross-hairs of the gun lobby, and all are afraid of the NRA.

I’ve noted that more than one gun “rights” supporter has immediately wished that one of those kids at VT had a gun. Yeah, right, and when kids are allowed to bring guns to schools, they will have no teachers hanging around to torment them either. What are they thinking? Oh, I forgot, silver.

I’ve also heard gun apologists say that in the wild-west days, where everyone toted a gun, there were fewer killings than on the streets of NY, which has the strictest gun laws in the land. Maybe so, but the vast majority of the population was spread across numerous farms where the only gun was a long gun for hunting and protecting the chickens from varmints. In the towns, it was a far different story. The NY gun controls are of little use if guns are ported in from far away places like my own state, Georgia. There is a need for very strict controls in every state and town to be effective.   No reason to fear that you can’t continue to hunt or protect the chickens from varmints.  But there is no sporting need to use an AK 47 or machine pistol.

So the gun lobby wants to put guns in every car eh? In the good ol’ days, horse and buggy riders did not have to put up with long lines, traffic lights, delays and rude behavior on the streets like today. Instead of the rude middle finger and a few shouts, we can look forward to the next-finger-over twitching on the trigger of a machine pistol? Not a pretty thought – shootouts everywhere we go.

How dare they push their gun manufacturer funded ideology on the very day that so many of our children were murdered? The old time gunslingers did not have removable gun clips and machine pistols, laser sights and numerous places to hide their weapons. Holster or saddlebag, that was about it. Even in the old days, the sheriff often met strangers at the edge of town and took up their guns. Can’t do that today, no sir.

And don’t give me any of that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” crud. Bullets kill people. Not one of those children were killed by a gun, ‘tis true. But all were killed by bullets from one or another gun. More guns lead to more bullets and more deaths. Too many now. So it was a legal sale? The dealer got his money, the manufacturer got his money, the gun lobby has a little more silver to spread around and the politicians have a little more cash in the coffer. Doesn’t make sense to me why we let it go on and on just to enrich a few.

It is time to send a message for the gun lobby and their lackey pols. to get out of Dodge themselves. I’m fed up with it all and will vote against any politician that supports their blood splattered bills.  

Let the hate mail roll in…  Maybe a few in agreement too?