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Meet the Mayor and Council of the City That Doesn’t Care

Mayor and Council of Marietta Georgia 

City That Doesn’t Care

Mayor Dunaway is the one in the red tie.  He is one of the good ol’ boys of the community.

Left to Right in top picture with email addresses at popular request:

Holly Marie Walquist – Ward 3

Irvan Alan Pearlberg – Ward 4

Rev. Anthony Coleman – Ward 5

Mayor Bill Dunaway

Griffin Chalfant – Ward 2

Annette Lewis – Ward 1

Jim King – Ward 6

Philip M. Goldstein-Ward 7

Ward 1 includes the site featured in the AJC article today “Marietta police clear out homeless” written by Yolanda Rodriguez  There you can find a gallery of pictures.

Ward 5 includes the site featured in most of my articles. It includes the area our homeless veteran friend Al and the recently deceased Dominic lived.