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Evicted Marietta Homeless man froze to death

A homeless man given eviction notices by a heartless City of Marietta has frozen to death in the sub freezing weather we had this week.   Dominic was one of our many homeless friends.   Sadly Now dead. 

The city has taken the trouble to cut up the tents and pile sleeping bags and all the lifelong remaining possessions in garbage trucks to be hauled away.   There is video and as soon as I find the right software, I’ll post it.   The local channel 2 WSB ran shots showing a few of the homeless camps with police cutting up a tent full of belongings.

The Mayor Dunaway of the City That Doesn’t Care (aka Marietta, Georgia) has achieved a reduction in the homeless count the hard way.   Poor Dominic.  The Mayor and Council sentenced him to death without cause.  The MPD were the executioners.

Dominic had holed up behind a liquor store and died fleeing the City With No Heart. 

Shame on Marietta.  They were warned that this would happen and refused to delay until better weather came along.  Unfortunately this is likely only the first of many.

Shame Marietta!

Rest in Peace Dominic

may God give you peace


December 21 – Homeless Memorial Day

December 21 

Homeless Memorial Day

memorial day poster

The date is chosen as the First Day of Winter – The longest Night of the Year

(Find the poster here)

For the homeless, any night can be a nightmare.   Danger aside, Winter is the worst season, any night with rain, sleet or snow is just plain miserable.   Unsheltered homeless die far too often in such conditions.   Our homeless heroes, our veterans die in the cold, sleet and snow too.

According to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, homelessness dramatically increases the risk of illness, injury or death.  

Compared to the general population, the homeless :

Are 3 times more likely to die at any given age 

Middle aged men and young women are most at risk

Have a life span 28 years less than national average

Have 6 times the incidence of serious illnesses

Die from illnesses that are easily treated or prevented

Who live in shelters have high risk of communicable diseases

Have a high incidence of death from heart problems or cancer

Risk death on the streets from cold

Have 8 times the risk of dieing from Frostbite 

Too often die on the streets from unprovoked hate crimes

Lack access to quality health care. 

Here is a list of 2222 homeless people and their locations by city that are known deaths in 2006.  There were an estimated 17,500 homeless deaths in the United States last year, meaning that more than 15,000 homeless died virtually unnoticed or at least unidentified in 2006.  (I base that knowing that there are about 735,000 homeless in this country and the homeless die at 3x the rate of 800 deaths per 100,000 of the general population.)

Keep in mind that about 4,600 of those deaths are homeless veterans.  I base that on the knowledge that there are an estimated 195,000 homeless veterans and use the same rates as above.

There is no way to know how close that number is, but whatever it is, it is shameful that our homeless are so very vulnerable to death through the neglect of our system of care.   It is a disgrace to this country that almost 5000 of our heroes die in in the streets and alleys of our country each year.    

So when Homeless Memorial Day comes around, you can also remember the 4600 homeless heroes that did not die on the battlefield of war, but lived to die in the alleys, streets and woods of the country they served, uncared for, helpless and unwanted.  My fault as much as anyone for not speaking up as loudly as I should.    Can’t we all do more?