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Clinic Wins Legal Victories for the Homeless

Clinic Wins Legal Victories for the Homeless

Oldtimer’s comment.   It appears to me the City of Marietta is on shakey ground. St. Louis was fined $80,000 for merely forcing the homeless off the streets during holiday celebrations and other times without probable cause.   I know that in addition to the city’s forceful eviction of an entire population from the city that is going on today in The City That Doesn’t Care, they also did a systematic sweep around the city before and during the Christmas season so that tourists and merry makers could use the square without encountering the homeless.

You can find the rest of this story here for the inital story in 2004 when the lawsuit was filed  and here for the present story announcing the win.

Update: Federal Lawsuit Settlement Reached – On October 12, 2005, the School of Law’s Civil Justice Clinic settled a federal lawsuit it brought on behalf of homeless men and women in St. Louis. Continue reading