About what Oldtimer says

I’m not an activist, not a crusader, and not trying to save the world.  I simply am going to speak out on what thrills me and what bugs me, all from the experience of 70 years of observation.   From time to time  I will tell you from my perspective what works and what doesn’t.

I have a heart for the homeless, a heart for the needy and a heart to make things right when things are not.   I’m a craftsman, a Habitat volunteer, a church goer, a Christian Believer, an engineer, semi scientist and have a love for physics. 

I have worked at Redstone Arsenal back when cotton was still being ginned next to the base, worked at White Sands as an Instrumentation Engineer, later served in the Army at Redstone (ARGMA) as a Signal Officer, worked at Lockheed Georgia for 27 years (Flight Test), ran the Engineering Calibration Labratory and for 10 years managed the Advanced Technology Laboratory, retiring in 1987.  I have 2 degrees, BS and MS from Georgia Tech in Electronics and Communications.

I’m a Bible reader and a defender of religion whatever your religion is, whether Christian, Jew, Muslem or Buddist (or whatever).    We all believe that there is but one God, right?  So we must have the same God, just that we worship Him in different ways.  I believe He understands.  I am a Christian and fully believe that God is in control.  I just want the right to believe what I do without someone trying to beat me up over it, and I am willing to return the favor.    I don’t expect to change you here.

I am also a Right-to-Life Democrat that believes in a smaller government and lower taxes if someone insists on labeling me.  (Did that confuse you?) 

So you will understand, I believe that love is the most powerful gift that God has given us that we can possess and use within ourselves and exhibit to others.   So try to love me back, agape love, OK?  Even if we disagree.   

Picture credit for the banner at the top:  Me…    This was taken in my front yard.  Mama left her two babies about 30 feet from my front steps while she went off to parts unknown.   Took me forever to slip the door open enough to get the camera into position.   

I live alongside a wetlands and my property hosts a very diverse wildlife ranging from geese, beaver, muskrats, otter, deer, coyotes, fox, and snapping turtles galore.   Lots of woodpeckers, owls, wild turkey and other birds as well.   Just outside of Atlanta, but near a national park.

Love it.  No hunting no fishing.  I don’t disturb my environment any more than is necessary to live in it.

Integrety Blog award

Bloggers With Integrity Award for For Social Conscience  – Sent to me by John at Homeless Family’s Blog.  Thanks, John  

United Way “2006 Heart in Hand – Older Adult Volunteer of the Year” award, Sponsored by Publix Supermarkets, and nominated by Cobb Disaster Recovery.

(Older Adult sounds better than Old Geezer).

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