Marietta Homeless Steve Talks About Mark

Steve is one of the recently evicted Homeless.  Below is a video of him talking about Mark, the mentally ill homeless man behind the mound of dirt (see the earlier account about Mark here). The conversation took place in a dinner meeting at Macland Presbyterian Church along with two other homeless evictees and members of the church.  The video was made Wednesday, January 30, 2008.


(video by Oldtimer – which explains the quality)

Here is a fairly close transcript in case you have some trouble hearing it.  Comments in (_) are mine:


Mark…. you know… Mark.  Mark’s a good guy. Mark’s an educated guy.  Mark is a guy that is losing his mind.  His wife brought him over on 41 (nearby highway), dropped him off about four, four and a half years ago.  And he’s still sitting there, waiting on her and his kids to come back and pick him up.   Mark goes months and months and months without a shower.  Mark’s a good guy… you know? 

Well they made him move off that, his mound where he’d stayed four and a half months, you know right there by the fence by MUST.  Well, he had no where to go, so he moved down the walkway (by EMC?).  Today, he had a bed and bunch of blankets, pillows and everything, and he was just laying there just waiting on his wife to come back and get him.

Today the Marietta City and I don’t know who else it was, came and left him there and took all his blankets and left him there with no no warmth at all.  

So, if something doesn’t happen to him tonight, it might be the night of the next Dominic, you know.  He don’t have nothing except a coat and toboggan for cover.

A few minutes later Steve was saying he was going by there later that night and take him something (inaudible) to help him.  As I mentioned in the earlier post, other homeless people had been bringing Mark blankets, clothes and sack lunches and leaving them for him.   The compassion of the homeless is infinitely greater than that of the city that proudly touts “The All-American City” Award in 2006 from the National Civic League, and a “City of Excellence” in 2002 among others in vaious years.

Way to go!  Take the blankets right off a mentally ill man and just leave him there to possibly freeze to death!

3 responses to “Marietta Homeless Steve Talks About Mark

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  2. Just wanted to post a short comment on this article and the interview with Steve of Mark. I just want to say that I appreciate freedom of speech and overall, it was a positive interview and the articles are good but sometimes, all the facts are not there and than to make certain accusations is not always good Please make it a point to always get all of the story, not just some of it

  3. Thank you, Tim. I know you are the intake coordinator for MUST. If you have any information that I can use to add to the story that I may not have or may have incorrectly reported, I would certainly appreciate it.

    I’ve communitated with Andy at MUST a number of times and have seen a response by the city which they may have withdrawn or are rewriting or possibly getting ready to reafferm.

    I thought I have all sides of this thing, but I am strongly on the side of showing compassion for the homelesss.

    I’m certainly willing to correct any errors and/or accusations or even pull down posts that are incorrect and apologize where wrong. I’ve asked the city to point them out and so far they have not. Perhaps you would share that information with me.

    If MUST would like to make a statement or point out any errors for me, I would be happy to post it. I would like to do an article on MUST based on a visit there. I’ve been there to donate, but I’ve not been invited inside.

    I certainly find no fault with MUST. Readers: MUST is a Godsend to the homeless around here! We are thankful they are there. There is no one else. Send them a check!

    I also hope that Steve or Mark or any of the others are not in any trouble for meeting with us. A staff person at MUST was invited, but the evening hours of our meeting were a problem.

    I’m just reporting what they have said.


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