Marietta and Cobb County short 690 beds for Homeless

I’ve pulled out my copy of the 2006 Continium of Care (CoC) for Cobb County, Georgia’s grant application to HUD.   It has a lot of tables and columns and at one point I put some of them in here, but then I remembered I have a lot of readers that could care less about that.  

So I’ll summarize here:  According to this application, our local governments, our cities and counties provide only one service for the homeless –

Law Enforcement, listed in the category of “outreach”.  

Ok that explains it.  Homeless arrests and Evictions are an “outreach”.   Our local governments provide no preventive services and no supportive services for our homeless.  Our non-profit local charities provide plenty of services but they are not enough!  

There are a total of 124 year-around emergency shelter beds among all our shelters.  Plus another 48 “Seasonal” and another 18 “Overflow” beds.  There were no beds “under development”.   The application says that we are 330 emergency shelter beds short!   This is based on finding 330 unsheltered homeless persons during the point in time count.  That isn’t nearly all of them though!

There are another 316 beds that are “transitional housing”. (6 under development)   We are 275 transitional housing beds short!

There are 44 perminent supportive housing beds.  (none under development)  We are 85 beds short.

So Marietta:  Where do you think our homeless friend Al is going to stay tomorrow night?  How about the other 300 homeless people out there? The total of 690 needing help?   The ones with “unmet needs” beds (virtual beds?) Where are they going?   Who among our leaders care?  

There were 175 individuals in families with children unsheltered on January 26, 2006!


And Marietta simply says “clean them out”.   Take the veterans too.  They might be carrying a flag.

“Go South” you said.   We already ship our poor sick to Grady.  Are we to haul our homeless to Atlanta too?


9 responses to “Marietta and Cobb County short 690 beds for Homeless

  1. please let me know if there are any homeless shelters in Cobb Ciunty where I could donate bottles of shampoos and essentials.
    Thank you


    • Try MUST ministries. They have a nice set of apartments set aside for veterans and they have shelter space for men and women homeless, veterans or not.

      Thank you

  2. Hi, Thank you for writing this. I am doing a food drive / holiday open house and am looking for the best local place to donate all the food. Is there a local shelter with a food pantry that you can refer me to other than MUST. I already give year round to MUST. Thank you.

    • Although they do not provide shelter, Sweetwater Vally Camp in Austell has a wonderful ministry that provides food, clothing and a dental clinic to the homeless and the very poor. I highly recommend you find them and donate there.

  3. We are a church located in Marietta. We are fairly new to the area but would like to be able to help the homeless in the Marietta area. Is there an area of Marietta where we could be of best service. We would like to set up a place to feed the homeless on weekends in the open. We would bring the food to them.

    • There is an empty lot on the corner of Austell road and Atlanta Road that you might use. It belongs to me and I will allow it as long as you clean up afterward. It is very open. There are a number of homeless in the area, closer to South Cobb Drive a few blocks away. The problem with that site is it may take a while for them to find you. Also it is near a trailer park and you may get some from there who are not homeless. If you can get permission from a church or business closer to South Cobb you may do better there. I see homeless walking along South Cobb Drive near Austell Road.

      Our church used to take food on Sunday mornings to the entry street to Must Ministries. I have some pictures on the site posted from there. Just maybe 100 feet off of Old 41, just before you turn left into Must’s parking lot. Must does not feed non residents on weekends, and have never complained that we did so there on those days. I don’t know if anyone else has taken up that spot.

      Also check with New Hope Missions. They were renting time at a church near Marietta downtown and they were looking for a new place to set up. They were feeding 25 to 50 a day on early Sunday mornings before the Church opened for services and were having to leave that building. If you have a building or even if not, they may make good partners with you. Their kitchen was very small and probably would love some help. The only numbers I have are old but try them. Larry at 770 655 2854 and Debra 770 655 2819.

      You can also call Sweetwater Camp in Austell (770 819-0662) and ask them for good locations near there. The recepitonist may not know, but ask her to find someone that does, (Jay Cantrell, Darlene Duke, Carla Pierce, for examples). They supply dental, clothes, groceries and other resources for the needy but do not provide meals. I am certain that there are homeless in the area. Also check with the pastor at SouthMinister Presbyterian (Hurt Rd and Austell Road) ((770) 436-4010) as I know there are homeless living along Hurt Road that runs next to their propery.

      Finally you can call Cobb Family Resources/ Center for Family Resources (770) 428-2601)
      as I believe they take a major role in the local homeless surveys. They may help you find a good location.

      Please come back and tell me what you’ve found.

      Grace and Peace

      Jim, aka Oldtimer

  4. Hi, I have a home that is a licensed child caring facility that is empty that I would love to utililize and get funding to assist homeless youth and their families. My passion is people and helping those that need help with daily essentials as well as those that are “misplaced” in society. Got any suggestions how I can get people in my facility and get funds? I also have another home I would like to get licensed as a Personal Care Home to provide Assisted Living Services, Independent Living Services, Day Program to assist those in need of assistance in daily living as well as memory loss, etc. Thanks so much and may God continue to bless all your efforts!

  5. Hi Oldtimer my church in Powder Springs is looking for a place to feed the homeless in Cobb are you still there is the spot still available? I have the information of the other church I will call them and i would like to hear from you as wel

    • Thank you Mother Mack. You posted this comment to the Homeless study blog post and so I’m not quite certain what you mean by “the spot still available”. It was an old study when I posted it and I have not gotten around to reviewing later data. There are lots of homeless in this area and you can best find out where by calling the Center for Family Resources. CFR has a food pantry for individuals and families. Or call MUST Ministries who provides food for both residents (7 days a week) and walk in’s (weekdays only).or the CAMP which has a food pantry. There are other churches that provide food, but my list is not up to date by any means. If all else fails write me again and I’ll see what we can do. I’m out of the loop with the status of our own “Slanted Sidewalk” group, but our Macland Presbyterian is heavily into ministry for the homeless. Or I can put you in touch with friends that do this on a daily basis.

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