A Few Street Kids

Wikipedia defines “street children” this way:

Street children or street urchins are homeless children who live on the street – in particular, those that are not taken care of by parents or other adults. Street children live in abandoned buildings, containers, automobiles, parks, or on the street itself.

That is in contrast to children that are homeless that are living in shelters or taking refuge with friends or relatives.    Below are a few pictures of street kids taken by various photographers around this country who have posted them under a creative commons license.

Market Street, San Francisco

Photo complements of davitydave Photo taken on Market Street, San Francisco.  Creative Commons License   Find it Here

Haight Street San Francisco

Photo Complements of kristiewells Photo taken on Haight Street San Francisco.  Creative Commons License   Find it Here

kristiewells says this about the photo: “We gave them our leftovers from Pork Store Cafe. I asked if I could take their picture which they said was OK, but they were so happy to be eating, I didn’t want to disturb them to get a better photo. ”

Homeless in Austin Texas
Photo Courtesy of  dground Photo taken on Sixth Street in Austin Texas Creative Commons License  Find it Here

Homeless in Minnesota

Photo from The Epoch Times, Minnesota

They had this to say about the picture and runaway kids:

According to a recent statewide survey of homeless people in Minnesota, conducted by the Wilder Research Center, for most youths, going back to live with their parents is not a viable solution. Their homeless plight started as a result of their parents. Fearing their chemically dependent or physically or sexual abusive parents, many youths would rather endure the life on the streets than return home. Many have already lived in foster care, detention or treatment centers.

Dave Eha, a 21-year-old homeless youth for the last six months said, “For many out here, it isn’t like a choice. You would hear all the time how someone was molested or physically abused. Many of the kids are forced to become homeless or else live in an abusive situation.”

The Wilder Research report found that homeless kids were:

Five times more likely to have been treated for alcohol or drug problems, although homeless youths are half as likely to report current use of alcohol.

More than three times more likely to have been hit by a date or intimate partner.

Three times more likely to have been physically abused

For girls, 20 times more likely to have been pregnant; for boys 10 times more likely to have had a sexual relationship that resulted in pregnancy.

Youth of color are three to four times more prevalent among the homeless.

Come ON folks, these could have been your kids.

Find a way to help.


5 responses to “A Few Street Kids

  1. I waz homless once das year in auckland city in New Zealand.

    all of you homelss people out there u kan get throw get.

  2. Thank you for coming by Jagtar aka and for the encouragement you offer to all of our homeless visitors.

    I’m glad you got through it youself!


  3. Most realistic and most touching.

  4. More hard work needs to be done for those kids/to improve their wellbeing. Social studies, projects and to involve local communities. It is also vital to improve ordinary people and raise their awarness regarding reasons of making someone homeless

  5. thank you for your greta motivation,


    do you know that i work since 14years as a german-english teacher free for ecuadors 10.000(and 20.000 streetkids of my country germany),in ecuador,in six cities?

    well,our ngo”AMOR 2033 ECUADOR”FOR 10.000 ECUADOR-STREETKIDS ” is aproofed and we are working “around-the-clock”with 78 free workers in a workshop(minga), in our worldwide new streetkids mission


    to finish the construction of our 1st pilotschool-home-craftworkshop(carpintor, ar mechanic,bio-agriculture-farmer)AMOR1 YARUQUI-PIFO-TUMBACO” . on our own foundation ground (1.000 m2)in yaruqui,one hour from quito,ecuador.
    is there a chance to work together and looking also for funds together?

    from my side we were founding seven months ago in my country germany
    a second, european ngo:”ASSOCIATION FOR STREETKIDS ECUADOR(AMOR 2033 DEUTSCHLAND)” under my friend, president
    ingo sahm(32years) :ingo_sahm@yahoo.com.

    where do you work and what are your results?

    i forgot to tell you that we were inviting 61 un-journalists, and you,of course,
    for a massmedia conference 1)
    yaruqui, tejar-el largo,ecuador,
    friday,june 03,2011,11:00 a.m.

    with 1.532 kids (on our 1.000m2-foundation-ground,from our helping college COLEGIO NACIONAL TECNICO “YARUQUI”.

    are going to come or give short answer,please?

    hug -from streetkids-worker to streetkids-worker

    wolfgang birr(65)
    inventor, founder,president ngo”german-ecuadorian foundation forç
    streetkids(AMOR 2033 ECUADOR”)

    1) may i tell you,my friend bill N O B L E ,that i was also inviting my personal(photo!) known friend dr.ph.d.RAFAEL C O R R E A DELGADO,
    our genius-social a c t i n g ecuadorian statepresident?

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