Video – The Soldier’s Heart – PTSD a Frontline Video Series

The Soldier’s Heart is a 60 minute PBS “Frontline” video series in four parts.  It is available for viewing online here on the PBS Frontline web site.

“Soldier’s heart”  or “nostalgia” are the names given for PTSD after the Cival War.  Later from various wars it became “shell shock”,”battle fatigue”, Post Vietnam Syndrome” and now commonly diagnosed as Post-Tramutic Stress Disorder or PTSD for Combat Trauma and there is a just-as-damaging subset called Military Sexual Trauma or MST. 

Click on the link above for the full introduction and production information from the PBS Frontline Series.    Click on any of the pictures below to watch any of the 4 segments of the video.  Each is 15 minutes long.  Visit the PBS site anyway to get insight and background.  It is interesting and informative reading.   If you have low speed internet, you will need to go to the PBS site link above.  The links below are all high-speed links.

PBS Frontline Homecoming

For three returning Iraq war veterans, it’s when they got home that the feelings, images, smells and nightmares of war began haunting them

The Impact of Combat

The Psychological Impact of Combat
Decades of records have tracked the psychological toll of war on those who fight it. Today, what happens to a soldier who admits to emotional distress and asks for help?

Needing Help

Needing Help
One young Marine, in a downward spiral, keeps his torment and pain bottled up. Another, showing symptoms of PTSD, joins a Camp Pendleton support group.

Need for Change

A Need for Change
A young Marine takes his own life. In January 2005, the military announces plans for better mental health screening of returning vets. Will it be enough?

This series from Frontline is astounding.  If you have not seen it before, please take the time to look at it now.  Visit them here for program notes, insights, background. and links to other videos and excellent programming.

Honor Our Troops

Honor Our Veterans

Help our Homeless Veterans


They Are All Heroes!



2 responses to “Video – The Soldier’s Heart – PTSD a Frontline Video Series

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  2. I am a Vietnam Veteran and recently retired school administrator. I went back to school at 62 and obtained a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. I wanted to give something back for all the benefits serving in combat including three degrees and two low interest housing loans. I did an internship at the VA because my intent is to work with veterans in recovery and found they don’t have mental health counselors. They have psychiatric nurses, social workers, addiction specials and a number of other designations. Thanks to strong new leadership and enthusiasm for change at the Tomah VA I was provided a strong learning experience but the old guard fights any changes. A former colleague who is newly retired and has experience with PTSD as a prison guard at Levenworth is going back to school in counseling at UW-Stout. We decided to team up and develop a support concept for veterans in our area with PTSD. A part of our efforts was to present the concept of teaching a class on PTSD for credit and non-credit at UW-Stout. We received initial enthusiasm by the continuing education coordinator but when the class concept went to committee we were given a list of why we were turned down. This list had much to do with territory, power and irrational fear that we would take the spot light off current programs and little to do with the obvious need to educate people on PTSD. We thought it was timely as the 32nd Infantry Brigard came home this month and is going through Fort McCoy. We are now shifting gears. We are working on a blog that will allow us to communicate with area veterans, have talked with the local DAV and VFW. Our county veterans coordinator gave us some good direction. Our current concept is to provide free or low cost coaching to veterans who want long term support. This is not about money but giving back. We are considering opening a veterans home that is really about veterans needs and not veterans money. We are working on a business plan through the Eau Claire small business association. The process will start in February and end in April. We would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

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