Veteran’s Day – November 11, 2007

Veterans Day  

  November 11, 2007 

Veteran's Day Poster

Remember and Honor our Heroes!

For they are Heroes Forever




Click Here for More Information on Veterans

Want your own posters for Veterans Day?  Download and print them free.

6 responses to “Veteran’s Day – November 11, 2007

  1. I am the web support person for the “American Legion” post here in Tallahassee Florida. I was interested in using the poster image on our site and would like to know if you would grant permission to use it.

    Thank you.

  2. Art,

    This is a free download from the VA site. Click on the line at the bottom of the post that says “Download…” or go here:

    Or copy the image from my post. Whatever is easier.

    Thank you for coming by. It is a beautiful poster isn’t it?


  3. It is a beautiful poster. I was looking at the posters from past years and this is a standout.

  4. BTW, I found you by way of looking for something else (of course, isn’t that how it always is?!) – veterans and homelessness. I got to reading your ‘about’ page and saw this: “I am also a Right-to-Life Democrat that believes in a smaller government and lower taxes if someone insists on labeling me. (Did that confuse you?)”

    Not at all. I’m not one, but many of the people I know and especially many of the Catholics I know are just that. Passionately committed to social justice. Personally, I find them more consistent with their values than many, many others who consider themselves ‘pro-life’ because with those folks their actions are decidedly not.

  5. Thank you Wordsmith. I thought it was a wonderful poster too . I don’t know why they have it “hidden under a basket” where it was so hard to find.


  6. Beautiful poster. So glad it made the top veterans day pictures on Google.

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