Legion Plans Rooms For Homeless Vets

Legion Plans Rooms For Homeless Vets

By Megan Bard

Published on 10/21/2007

Griswold (Connecticut) – Hoping to fill a need, the American Legion Post 15 is proposing to create apartments above its South Main Street hall for homeless veterans.

Post member William J. Czmyr Jr. said the organization has worked diligently over the last year planning the project. Over the summer, the post successfully obtained approval from the town’s zoning board and planning commission to construct the one-bedroom units.

The next step is to meet with the membership by early December to update the group on the project and then determine how to obtain the money needed to complete the work through grants or fundraising efforts. The project’s cost was not available last week.

“We hear a lot about veterans needing a place. The shelters are always full. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do,” Czmyr said.

Although criteria to rent the apartments has not yet been established, Czmyr said he expects that any person who has served in the military and can prove service with discharge papers will be welcome, regardless of gender or age.

“We’re not looking for too many specifics, just that he or she is a veteran and doesn’t have a place to live,” Czmyr said.

While living in the building, the veterans will have better access to services provided by the legion and the Veterans Administration, Czmyr said.

When the post moved to the South Main Street location in 1972, apartments were already on the upper floors. Since then, the space has been transformed into a gym or used for storage.

The project will require the building’s façade to be overhauled and the total renovation of its interior. Now three stories, when complete it will have four floors. Czmyr said the ceiling in the gym area is tall enough so that another floor can be built.

In addition to the apartments, the basement will be updated, a new heating system will be installed and additional storage space will be created.

For more information about Post 15 or to donate to its project, call (860) 376-0238.

Oldtimer’s Comment: OK now here is something all the many thousands of American Leagon Posts can do.  Help our Homeless Heroes!   Build shelters into your existing facilities.   In this case the fund-raising may benefit the post in several other ways.  Improved facade, updated basement, new heating system, and additional storage space.   All this works for me if we can get our homeless heroes off the streets.

If you are a veteran and want to know where the nearest post is located, here is a link to the location of every Ameican Leagon post in the US by state.   Call them and ask what they are doing for homeless veterans.   Ask if they can help you.  Let me know what you found out.

I have contacted the national American Leagon  Economics office (according to them this is the site that handles homeless issues) and asked them for various information on homeless issues.  We will see what I can find out.  If you are homeless or a concerned citizen or veteran, you may contact the American Leagon’s various offices at this link to their email system.   If enough concerned Americans write, money may eventually be shifted to help our homeless heroes.



4 responses to “Legion Plans Rooms For Homeless Vets

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  2. Thanks for getting this story out there. I hope that other Veterans’ Organizations will follow suit. I enjoy reading your other posts aswell and can sit for hours reading all of them.

  3. It is my pleasure! I think the American Leagon has funding and capability to help our homeless heroes that have been largely untapped. The story highlights what can be done. The problem is the homeless veterans get very little press and I don’t think the Leagon has had much visibility on it in most areas and little pressure to do something. According to (homeless) wanderingvet (see a link to the right) he has had some very bad experiences in his attempts to get help from other Legion posts, basically being turned away, even run off. Hopefully he will get more positive results in the future.

    Thanks for writing! I’m going to add http://floridasoldiersangels.blogspot.com/
    to my blog roll.


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