To The Rescue – Video

The North Dakota Patriot Guards are working to save a disabled American Veteran from becoming homeless.   You may remember or find the original post on this (formerly) sad situation:

North Dakota Veteran’s Home under Demolition Threat   (original post)

Well, the Patriot Guard’s Help on the Homefront is making real progress.  Daylight can be seen.   They still need help with money, materials and volunteers.  If you can’t be there, money is good! 

Here is a link to a  video/slideshow that shows the home before and with work in progress – and a lot has really been done.  If they are to keep the city from demolishing the house as already decreed, then they have to finish the job and soon as the reprieve can be lifted at any time by the city.  Enjoy the music in this great video and Please help!

Slideshow/Video of the Thronburg home:

Link to video  

Click picture for video or click HERE!  The music is great!

Oldtimer’s hat goes off to these fine people.  Send them something…. They need it Now!

Volunteers can only go so far without buying materials (lumber, roofing, siding, windows, doors, concrete, dumpsters for the debris, etc.), and without hiring licensed contractors (electricians, heating, plumbing) – things volunteers are not allowed to do without a license.  They need money for these things.  You can Help on the Homefront.

They are a incorporated as a Non Profit and can send you a copy of the certificate from North Dakota.   Send money, get a tax deduction now!  

Tarra Hartl, Help On The Homefront Coordinator 

Rick Colling, Thorberg Project Lead

To donate money via check: Make check payable to NORTH DAKOTA PATRIOT GUARD and email Tarra to get the mailing address.  

(Oldtimer:  She can also tell you how to set up and use paypal – the information is protected and I could not copy it – please contact Tarra).


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