Homeless Map – Can you find me?

Can You Find Me?

Amazing Map

If you want to see a really amazing map, go to this site:

Note:  Be sure to click on “Start Animation”This is an animated map, The Downtown Los Angeles Homeless map, which takes raw data about those sleeping on the streets and transforms it into a visual tool for understanding the situation. It shows only those sleeping on the streets. The map also shows the number of tents, tarps, and cardboard boxes in use at any given time. The map is always changing, and cycles through the last 10 weeks, showing how the population of the homeless is always changing. Downtown Los Angeles is the epicenter of the largest homeless population in the United States.The Downtown Los Angeles Homeless map takes raw data about those sleeping on the streets and transforms it into a visual tool for understanding the situation.

The Count
Central division performs its homeless counts every two weeks. Officers canvass each block encompassed in its boundaries and make a count of men, women, children and various kinds of shelters. A log is made of the address and the number present in each category.

Creating the map
Cartifact takes the raw data from Central division and pulls it into its GIS system. The system geocodes each address to produce coordinates for the address. The plotted points are then placed onto a map of downtown Los Angeles and styled to better convey the information. The finished map is provided back to LAPD in order to serve the needs of the department, and is also placed here for public access.

They are Still Out There

12 responses to “Homeless Map – Can you find me?

  1. my brother isnt a vet but last i heard he was in vegas homeless his names barry phillip arington 48 brown hair used to work for tona paw testing dont no if thats why hes in the state of mind hes in or not but still like to no hes ok if you see him send me a email thanks.

  2. You might also try posting on the International homeless forum (link on the right). They have forums for many US cities including Vegas. Homeless persons from vegas post there and might know him.

    Also check with homeless shelters in area, look them up on internet under United Way Vegas, Homeless Shelters.

    You might also try the local Vegas police and see if he has a history there.

    Good Luck,


  3. thanks for the input!

  4. barrys arington last friend i knew of was ROY SPARKS in las vegas nevada if you or anybody can touch base with barry just like to know hes doing ok or not thanks mike arington BROTHER.

  5. wanted to let you know found barry phillip arington in las vegas arrested in vegas for trespassing in park and jay walking. they put him back on streets again court date in december how can they squeeze blood out of a turnip????

    Oldtimer Said: I’m glad you finally found Barry! Homelessness is a crime in many cities. It is not, of course a crime to be homeless, but far too many cities make laws that really harrass the homeless just trying to live in hopes of making them go away.

    I really am glad you found him as I know you have been searching a long time.

    Properly done, the police should make only one stop and that is a shelter that offers services, not the jail. Some cities have “homeless courts” in which those with special needs such as substance abuse or mental problems are probated into places that can help them and others are given legal and counseling help and “time served” or probation for minor infractions and otherwise at least given a proper hearing. Around here a few have been given tickets to home if some family vouches for them and agrees to help them out.

    Regarding your other note about the parade. I have heard of homeless advocacy groups rounding up small groups of homeless to join parades to make a statement about their plight.

    I have two local homeless veteran friends but I don’t think they would qualify for a parade group. I don’t know what their plans are for that day, but they attend our church regularly now. A few couples in our church have made a mission out of going out and making breakfast for them (and others) and then bring them to the service and treat them to lunch afterward. They are working on getting them VA cards.



  7. its a good thing there are people like you in this world that care im going to post barrys photo on site and hope he calls just like to know he still remembers us idd send him a calling card if i knew where to send italways hard on the holidays but im not going to quit trying DONT YOU EITHER THEY NEED YOU ! THANKS FOR EVERTHING ILL KEEP YOU POSTED.+

  8. Well my brothers back on the street up there somewhere barry phillip arington if you see or here from him just tell him mikes looking for him be nice to here from him thanks marington@unmc.edu

  9. barry phillip arington found in poturico mental hospital how do you obtain id with no proof? no drivers licence security card bithcertificate hes stuck down there with no identification??????

  10. old timer mike arington here we found and have barry arington back home for the momment hes doing ok were going to see if we can get him to go in for treatment again when hes on meds hes ok off of them hes back visiting other places how do i get the other posting i put on about barry off thanks.

  11. barry p arington back on yhe street again least we say we tried had him home for about three weeks from the way he was talking he might have headed to floridawent to clean out apartment we put him up at he lined the bedframe with aluminum foil to protect him from radiation and dresser draws and a book any views on that?

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