Flags Fly in Marietta after all!

MDJ on line

Staff photos by Thinh Nguyen, MDJonline.com

This picture from our local newspaper, The Marietta Daily Journal shows Doug Hess with the VFW handing a flag to Marietta Police Officer Michael Freer during the parade in open defiance of the City which had prohibited distribution of flags during the parade and still does so.   Thankfully the city looked the other way after the issue was raised locally and discussed nationwide.  About 40 veterans and family members passed out flags during the parade.    The VFW float and other military and veterans in the parade received thunderous standing ovations as they paraded by.

There remains a brooding controversy about positioning the VFW float closer to the front of the parade next year.  The police chief has proposed that the city move them to the front of the line (they were in 28th position this year).   Mayor Dunnaway has said that he thinks their current location is just fine, justifying it as a factor of having uniform applause throughout the parade.    It is no concidence that the Mayor, not himself a veteran, was in the first postion as always this year with two concilmen riding with him.  Putting the veterans first would take away a little of the political impact of his office.  

Click on the link above, read the entire story and see more pictures. 

I hope you enjoyed your Fourth as much as I.

Support Our Troops

Past, Present, and Future!


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