Habitat Build Day June 13, 2007 and Slide Show

We have been blessed with good weather throughout all of this build.  This is our Presbyterian Coalitions 22d or 23d home in Cobb County.  We have sponsored even more homes in Kenya, including 6 this year alone.  

Young Ladies at work.Today we finished the 2d coat of wall paint inside and the inside trim.   We also finished the 2d coat on most of the outside.  I was an outside painter all day.  It was hot enough that the paint dried virtually on contact.   Any drip had to be removed within 5 or 10 seconds or it had to be scraped.    The quarter round for the kitchen cabinets was finished and the front bricked porch walls were finished (fake brick but very realistic looking).   The pull down attic stairs were installed.

The plumbing contractor hooked up the sinks, toilets, hot water heater and turned on the water.  Everything works except the dishwasher is sitting in the floor of an unlocked house, still in the box.    

We had to take down the table saw and cutting board setups yet again because the driveway and sidewalk will be formed and poured in the morning.    Our volunteer work continues in the morning as well.

Painting Hardi-Plank

Hardi-Plank (cement fiber board) has to be painted, two coats.  You also have to caulk the joints and any nail heads that show (face nailing) before you paint.   However it is easy to paint and the paint reportedly lasts 15 years, the Hardi-Plank itself 50 years.   

There are not as many joints to paint as you would think.   Usually 1 joint per run on each side below  and above the windows, but usually none between windows or on a wall with doors unless the wall is particularly long.   Maybe 12 joints on some walls, up to 20 on walls with peaked roofs.  

As for nails, most of our boards are “blind nailed” – that is nailed only along the top edge of each run and then covered by the next run.   We face nailed below windows and anywhere a noticeable bulge showed or any looseness was noticed.  Each face nail has to be caulked and painted over.   The nails become virtually invisible.    Blind nailing is recommened only where studs are on 18 inch centers or less.

Click on any picture for today’s slide show.    Enjoy!

brickwork .








painting Hardi- Plank


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