Im a 16 year old run away

Im a 16 year old run away

Giff of Runaway SwitchboardThis is the text of a message to the National Runaway Switchboard. They have a switchboard at Call 1-800-RUNAWAY. It happened on Jan 12, 2007. Find this cry for help here:

Im a 16 year old run away.
Its been exactly a week since ive been home. I ran away because i had so much abuse going on. The physical abuse had stopped about a year ago but the mental abuse is what kills me inside. Here is the background story in nutshell…about 5 years ago my parents got a divorce. It turned out that the dad i knew my entire life wasnt my dad. My mom made me completely lose contact with them.

About a year later my now step dad was introduced to us. The moment i met him i didnt like him. We didnt get along and eventually we hated each other. He began to hit me and when i was 14 years old he left me my first mark. It was about five inches long and an inch and a half wide on the back of my left leg. He got me with the belt becuase he had thought i was rollerblading through the house.

From there he just never stopped with the hitting and pushing. I called CPS atleast 6 times but none of them were taken seriously. We just recently moved and he had stopped hitting me but moved on to hurting me mentally, which affects me so much more. Im constantly being blamed for everything that happens: its my fault that the family argues, its my fault that everything is wrong, its my fault that the family isnt perfect etc.. I also get told that im so disrespectful, i dont give back to the family, im useless, that life would be better without me, they cant wait until im 18 to move out, im soooo close to getting kicked out, and just basically saying im a no body and they are better off without me.

But the facts are: im a strait A student, im always overachieving at everything i do, and im probably the most giving person in my family. Im getting into trouble for little things and punished to the maximum. I get into trouble for leaving water spots in the sink, not having the vacuum marks on the floor, or fingerprints on the mirrors when im cleaning. The consequences are horrible. I get my posters ripped down, my ipod, cellphone, tv, stereo, and everything taken away. I think its just cruel and unusual punishments…right?

Well, the past couple of months i had started to doubt myself: “What if i am useless?”, “What is my purpose in this family, in this world?” I completely stopped doing my school work, i ditched classes, something i would NEVER do!!! Things got so bad that i started having this weird crying attacks every night. I got tired of cutting myself so i started to burn my hands. They are so messed up and im scarred for life. I ran away becuase i had gotten scared of my step dad. I was doing laundry but didnt have time to finish in time for work so some clean clothes were left unfolded on my bed.

My phone started to get blown up with texts saying that that day was my last day working, my step dad was coming to get me from work just to fold my clothes, and to be prepared when i had got home. I had gone home, but this time EVERYTHING was out of my room: TV, stereo, posters, and my good stuff and i was left with nothing but my bed, a pillow, a blanket, and my dresser. I didnt have anymore diaries, jewelery, little things that teenagers have…it was all thrown away!!!

I didnt know what was ganna happen the next day when my step dad would wake up. I was crying so bad. I took my little sisters phone and ran to the back yard and called my friend. I told her everything and she told me she would get me. I ran away in my pjs and slippers. Ive been jumping around to different houses. I miss my family and friends and i want to be back home.

Also, I want to file for emancipation but i LOVE LOVE LOVE my family, just not my step dad…he ruined my life!!! I gave everything because im so confused about what to do. Do i go home??? Do i contact my family??? Do i need to get emancipated??? What do i do??? Please help me!!!!

Kids are out there too…

Do you hear that cry for help?

Check out the Runaway Switchboard.  There is a link in the blogroll to the right and at the beginning of this post.  If you know of a troubled teen, get help immediately.

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20 responses to “Im a 16 year old run away

  1. wow my friends going through the same thing but her family hates her cause she does drugs and stuff… but she ran away and all i can say is take care of yourself=/

  2. This is outrageous!!!! I wish I could take in all the kids that need a loving family. I have a 19 year old son in the Air Force, a 17 year old daughter and 14 year old daughter. I was a very young mom,18, and feel bad because i was growing up learning and my children went through rough times with me. I have never had my children say that I was a bad mom, i just wish that I was a better mom. I have all the love to give and love my children with all my soul. If I can help one child, I will.

  3. Girl i feel your pain im a runaway myself im living with my boyfriend who is 22 and im 15 he takes good care of me and he always understands everything i go through. we’ve been together a year now thats how long ive been away from my family . i miss them so much but im doing so much better now that im gone. my mom is a bad alcholic all she cares about is her scotch and whiskey. i couldnt take it anymore and my dad is in prison so i couldnt turn to him wich he isnt no better than my momhes always doing some kind of drugs and he cant leave the alchol alon either and my step dad is a control freak just like yours it hurts girl i know . go to the juvenile center in your town and talk to them about gettin emancipated you will need to show them that you can get a job and keep it and spend your money wisely and show them that you have a place to stay til you can get your own apartment or something. i wish you all the luck. im scared everyday that someone is gonna come and find me and ill loose the love of my life forever. ill keep you in my prayers

  4. well I have almost the same situation im 16 too… i live with my “dad” but hes my uncle he started to hit me when i was 10 nd he still do i really need help!!!
    Please tell me what can i do?

  5. just talk to ur mom f### ur step dad if ur mom loves u she’ll listin and take ur side over that pice of shit or stay the f### away form there talk to ur mom , a mom wont walk away form her child ,then try to find ur real dad and have him kick the s### out of ur old step dad

  6. wow a week huh? i think if they let u get emancipated then go fer it. i would! Your family will always be there to support u! ive been gone fer over a month now. jus becuz my moms a bitch. we fight over every fuckin damn thing and complains about anything to do with me but when it comes to my 8 year old brother o hail ta him. its rediculious! but wtever floats her damn boat. She wont emancipate me becuz shez a dumb bitch and says why would i do a thing like that :) all bitchy like jus like her damn self. she dont even care im gone either she says its so much more peacefull with me gone. well good fer her. she even hides the mouse from my step dad haha wt a bitch an the sad thing is she jus dont want him to talk to girls but yet shes on myspace all day chattin an tlking to guys along with talking to guys when hes sleepin. lol we’ve got in so many damn fist fights its a joke anymore. So until she lets me get emancipated she can kiss my ass goodbye! haha. i’ve been even try to get pregnant just so i dont have to b around her! idk if i am right now but if i am then good i kno ill treat my daughter so much better then she treats her only girl. and i kno i wont treat my children differently they will both be equal!

    • My mom does the same thing to me nd my dad is never around but when he is he spends his entire time tearing me down…calling me fat useless and overall ugly. My mom calls me useless and ugly and says that I’m worthless and all of this talk goes on everyday…there isn’t much physical abuse anymore but the mental abuse is terrible, I’m constantly told that I’m stupid when i get almost straight A’s in school. I’ve run away to other homes before for about a week at a time, but I’m seriously considering running away…VERY far away. PLEASE HELP ME!! I don’t know what to do!

      • Don’t run away. There are thousands of reasons not to. If you run away, you will find them all. There are predators out there. There is hunger like you have never known out there. There is rape, abuse, even torture. Don’t do it. Instead, find an adult (relative for instance) or local agency that will help.

  7. hey my names serean…i dont know how to say this but i need a place to stay…im 16 white and iv ranaway on feb, 14 o9 and i hitch hiked from dc to miami beach and its just been crazy iv had to go so low as to prostitute my self and almost exported to cuba iv been a escort and iv been beat up, i did get caught put in a police car and escorted out of mangos cafe on south beach..i got away..and that was 7mounths ago so im n the clear now im in va and email me at im not ugly..plz help me

  8. well i haven’t ranaway yet but i’m still thinking about it my mom is great but my dad has no more limits on the physical and mental abuse,i’m gonna be 15 in 28 days. this summer he took away the TV,controls everything i do on the enternet, said i’m forbiden from talking to boys, i’m also forbiden from hanging out with friends,infact he doesn’t want me to have any friends cuz he thinks that everybody is bad,he took away all the make up and nail polish cuz he doesn’t want me to put on any of it he also told me he doesn’t want me to cut my hair anymore no more beauty stuff.and everytime i try to say my opinion on something that he wants me to do. like : ” dad i don’t have time i dont think i can do this ” he yells at me and hits me so badly he says i’m disrespectful and that he should start raising me from the begining! once he called me a rat infront of his friend. this one time he hit me so hard i couldn’t breath and he said he wont take me to school so that day i didn’t go to school.another time he hit me cuz i was shouting at my sister cuz she didn’t let me do my homework in peace she was listening to music out loud. so he started hitting me with his belt and he left lots of marks on my body and my face was so red with a bleu mark on my cheek and a little blood in my eye i couldn’t breath i almost had a depression the next day i went to school i was so imbaressed everyone kept asking me what happened and i was crying all day long i couldn’t control my self and stop but honestly no one could go on telling their friends that their dad hit them. + i don’t have any privacy everytime i try to talk to my mom he sits there and listens . yesterday i tried to talk to my mom so i said that i’ve been letting my friends down alot and i’ll go out for at least 15 minutes just to say hi without him knowing. he was suposed to be taking a shower at least thats what he said he was gonna do we heard the water and the bathroom door close but he was standing behined the door listening to what i was saying. he walked in and started yelling and shouting about the fact that i was going out to see my friends for 15 minutes and they were only girls ! so please help me give me some advice if you can! and if you think i should run away then tell me PS i’m saving money and planing for my runaway.

    • Do NOT run away. That is the worst mistake you can make. Tell someone about the hitting. Maybe a concerned teacher can help. But think about this: It is not unusual for a parent to impose restrictions when they need to. Think about what caused this to start. Were you completely innocent? You may be, I’m just saying to think. Sometimes kids really do have an abusive parent and needs to get outside help. Sometimes kids do rebel in unhealthy ways and need discipline, but never hitting of the kind you describe. Withholding privileges is an accepted discipline, but hitting in the face or anywhere with fists or hard objects is not. Your school has counselors that can help. Ask to see the principal and ask her if she can help. If that results in more abuse and hitting, then you have to find a way to get it to stop, but running away is no answer. Girls, even boys, on the street get 100 times the abuse they suffered at home. Call the Runaway switchline I’ve mentioned several times and they too will tell you not to run away, but they may be able to help you get help. I can’t do anything from here except tell you to get outside help.. You can talk to your mom while your dad is at work, or call the runaway switchline while he is at work. Do not run away. Fifteen is not a magical age where you can just take off. Someone will take you in and make your life much more miserable and abusive. In the worst case, try to get help from local authorities, but start with your principal or counselor.

  9. i’m trying i realy am but i can’t do this anymore he always wants to get red of me. and makes stupid exuses to shout at me then when i defend my self he tells me i’m disrespectful and that i shouldn’t talk at all. while he is talking.then he hits me it’s not just one hit he always grabs his belt and starts hitting me like i’m an object or something like i can’t feel a thing and i can’t tell you why but no one can do anything about this i swear ! i’m a realy good girl and a straight A student i wouldn’t think of runing away as a fun thing to do but i have no other option. (i’m the same melissa that wrote the long paragraph)

  10. Its So Sad How Theres Alot Of Young Teenagers Suffering From Mental Abbuse ..That Then Leads To Depression And Finally Suicide..Im Just 15..And Even Thou My Situation Isnt Ass Bad As Other People ..i Also Have Been Dealing With Emotional And Mental Situations.. My “Father” Calls Me Names.. Ugly,Fat,Pig,Wothless,Useless,And A Hoe.. Ever Since He Found Out i Had A Boyfriend He Calls Me A Hoe.. And The Other Names he Always Had Been Calling Me that.. i take everything so serious that for a moment i started cutting myself.. and then it got to the point where i almost killed myself..sadly it didnt happen.. now im thinking of running tired of the daily already sufffering from depression…i just need help :( friends they betrayed me ..i have noo one anymore :(

    • I COMPLETELY understand where your coming from…..but with me, it’s been physical and metal…and sexual and……. I tried all the “legal” ways and trust me when I say, it’s not garranteed…. There are sooooooo many situations when I tried getting out and telling someone but .. I ended up back home, which put me in an even worse situation…. I’m also a cutter and I almost considered suicide about 3-4 times ….. I’m leaving as soon as I can, idc what I rly gotta do now to leave. I’m in such a bad state when I’m here…,…….I’m on the edge. I really wouldn’t b surprised if I killed myself anytime soon…. Cause this whole struggling thing isn’t working no more….I hate feeling like this.

  11. What about DCF, Police or a victims advocate. 800-96-ABUSE.

  12. I was trying to help her and u deleted my post? 800 96 ABUSE doesnt benefit me? I have no affiliation.

  13. I have considered runaway cuz I go through almost the same thing: my mom is a psychopath(i think) when something at home is missing she automatically assumes its my fault. She breaks everything in my room with my old metal softball bat and now i have nothing I can never get anything for christmas cuz she breaks it. I hate my life I wish my life was normal I wish my mom was normal.

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