Las Vegas Homeless Youth Survey

More than 1,700 kids homeless in Vegas

The data for this post came from this news story:  Las Vegas Homeless Youth Survey

 A survey of homeless youth in Las Vegas in 2006 revealed that of the 1700 kids living in Vegas:

75-percent are between the ages of 15 and 17.
25-percent were born in Las Vegas.
66-percent have parents still living in the valley.

Runaways – One out of three homeless teens say they left home to escape physical, sexual or mental abuse. 

Throwaways – More than one out of five were kicked out by their parents

Gangs – More than a third are involved with gangs.


 Love, Pure Love

It is so very unfortunate that so many kids find the streets more hospitable than their homes.   It is a rough life out there and most kids don’t know what they are getting into.  Many do go back home, and too many are driven away again.   What they want is love, what they get is trouble.  They have a love well that is empty, and what they often find is what they left, someone digging that well deeper rather than filling it up.

Parents seldom recognize that a child might actually run away rather than just threaten.  

 I can tell you this:  when a child shows any emotional signs of distress or rebellion or becomes surly and possibly depressed, it is time to turn on the love.  Pure love, no comments, no criticism, no questions, no reaction to anything the child says other than love.  A big hug, a giant hug, a verbal commitment:  “I love you son.”  “I’m here for you son.” 

Meet them at the door with a hug, see them off with a hug, give no response to cutting remarks other than “I love you.”  

If your child begins to taunt you and you snap back in kind or threaten, then you are driving a wedge that will be hard to remove.   The only answer to taunts is love – nothing said other than “I love you son” or “I love you daughter”.   In less than two days, your child will come around.   Their first reaction is to stare, then to test, then to question, then to melt.  

Love, pure love is the answer.

More on this later.  I have a first person account for you.


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3 responses to “Las Vegas Homeless Youth Survey

  1. The (so Called Free) United States of America Needs to set (Billions of Dollars ) aside to help ALL homeless Kids in the USA! TOday!!!! Come on you Old – fat ass Cats!!!! Give up your Limo’s and Fat Pay checks! Make Laws to (HELP) these dam Children! Shame on you! These kids Need US (NOW)!!!!
    Wake UP@@@ Now….. May God ForGive you if you don’t do anything to Help these Homeless Kids, (NOW!!!!)

  2. I, Myself was a (Throw-a-Way- Child) at the age of 13. I ran a way from home, was kicked out by my own Grand Mother and Sister. I lived with strangers and was brought up with less to nothing. My father was a Drunk and my Mother was married (3) times and only abused and used me! I not only know how these run a way kids feel, but I was (1) of them. I want to work for the United States Goverment, in a highly funded program to (HELP) each and every one of these (LOST) Kids today and for always. Come on! The U.S. Goverment spends billions and more then BILLIONS of tax payers Cash on so much (CRAP)! I want to be in charge of (HELPING) these run a way (LOST) and (ABUSED) children in the So called (FREE) United States of America)!!! If you have any power in the United States Goverment and want to meet God when you pass off from this earth, then (PLEASE) contact me and Give me the Job! It would be (MORE) than a Job for me, It would be my Life. My Name is (ED) The most who suffer in this world of ours are the Children! LEts ban together and (HELP) these Lost kids! (TODAY!!!!) Thank you and May God himself Bless you.

  3. Please Helping Homeless Veterans Youth in Las Vegas in this time Holiday Seasons.

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