Sex Offenders Going Homeless

This is not quite off topic for homeless youth.   Child molesters are listed in the sex offender registry.  They are the worst of the worst, preying on the helpless and the young, unwise and unwary.   They are on the move.   Nationally, many local and state governments have tightened up their laws, pushing the sex offenders away from schools, churches, parks and playgrounds, driving them out of homes because they now live too close to a temptation.   So the sex offenders are on the move, trying to find some place they can live.   It’s not easy. 

The unintended consequence is that many are going skedaddle, vamoose, or as the law calls it, absconded.    Some find homelessness a perfect cover.  Nobody asks questions and since homeless are everywhere, the park next to that girl’s club or boy’s club or the clump of trees across from the middle school suits them just fine.   And, if a homeless youngster, street kid, runaway, foster child out of foster care, or the wayward child cutting through the woods shows up, the child predator is ready to befriend them.  

Homeless youth are often sexually abused when they are on the streets.  Many take cover with an older person or adult that will “protect” them or provide food in return for sexual favors.   Not a good thought.  It is a perfect setup for a child molester driven out of his home.

I read that eight sex offenders in Pensacola have been relocated by the sheriff’s dept to a bridge across a causeway.   Not just to the bridge but under it.   They even send someone out every day to check them in for the night.  

How many times have you seen youngsters fishing from such bridges?   Have you ever gone under one to play?   I have, great adventure for boys wanting to get their feet wet or to find a shady place to fish.  Bad things can happen while daddy fishes from the middle of the bridge.  Homeless youth often hang out under bridges, just like adult homeless.

All I have to say is that we need better ways to track these people.  They stand prepared to give the homeless a bad name.  

Next post I’ll give you a powerful tool to locate the registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.  Unfortunately, you have no way to know if any of the homeless are also sex offenders as they are very likely not registered.  Right now, don’t worry too much about that.   The homeless generally have a code of ethics that would rival any of us.   Believe it or not, most homeless are quite lawful and will eject anyone that would bring any attention to themselves by criminal acts.  The problem comes when several sex predators join up and seek out children, as happened recently in Atlanta.  

Homeless street kids have very little chance of getting by without sexual abuse, often by a predator that has befriended them and offered protection.  Yeah, right.  Our job is to get the kids off the street and into some sort of protective home.   That is the very best we can hope for, because the predators will always be with us, lurking and waiting.

3 responses to “Sex Offenders Going Homeless

  1. Jeanne L. Ingress

    Hi ~

    This is an amazing website. Thank you so much for putting it together!

    There’s a courageous new book called Inhumanities of Humanity, by Heidi Barnes (available online), which gives an insightful first hand account of homelessness from the author’s perspective as a young woman, newly married and fully employed… not a pretty picture, but recommended reading from a new young writer who published it herself, online, I believe when she herself was homeless. Quite an accomplishment. This website should be a link or addendum in her work and vice-versa. Check it out…

    Thank you again for all you’re doing to bring the consciousness of safety to a new level…


    Jeanne L. Ingress

  2. Homeless Sex Offender

    I believe it is time for people to realize that not every convicted sex offender can be painted with the same brush. There are some people who commit dozens of sexual crimes against children and other adults. Then you have those who make ONE MISTAKE, and become victims of this eternal “witch hunt.” Yeah, I am a convicted sex offender. In 1991 I made a grave mistake. I served my time and successfully completed my probation and treatment requirements. I was 21 at the time I committed
    my offense. I am now almost 40 years old. I cannot find a job, and I am homeless because no one will let me live with them. I am also a published author, in recovery, and I care for my elderly grandmother who is the only person in the world who stuck by me. Unfortunately, I cannot reside with her because she will risk being evicted herself for allowing me to stay with her. I never did commit another sexual offense. I’ve got a jolt for society though. With the help of my grandmother and some careful planning. My passport was recently approved. I want people that have some compassion to read this reply. Persecuting offenders who have done their time is nothing but a “witch hunt.” If you asked my grandmother’s closest friends about me, and these are people who are in their 70’s and 80’s, they would tell you too, that there is something very wrong with how the “incidental sex offenders” are treated. I do not cruise playgrounds, schools or theme parks. I go to AA meetings, I look for work, I take care of my grandmother. I write my poetry and short stories. When I am walking down the street and I see kids walking my way, I do not make eye contact with them. If I am walking by a bus stop with children there, I walk to the other wide of the street. When I visit my grandmother and children are on the elevator, I use the stairs. Yeah, I write this for all the ignorant people out there and judging from the “general consensus,” there are plenty of you. Not every person convicted of a sex offense is going to “do it again.” Instead of sending everyone to the proverbial gas chamber, why don’t we learn to analyze just who is likely to re-offend, and who may not be. I haven’t had sex with anyone in two years, not even an adult. Am I dangerous? You people are so foolish for listening to this moron. You know what they say about people who point the finger at others? Those are the ones with the agendas you need to be leery of. Those are usually the people with the most in the own closet, issues they’ve never dealt with, and so forth. I put my personal message out there for the world to see and read because I know in my heart, I will never harm another human being as I did in 1991. And yes, I did. I just want to live peacefully and successfully in my new life, but that will never happen, will it? As long as the “witch hunt,” continues …

  3. you get your on food

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