Sex Offender Locator Mapping Tool from John Walsh

Sex Ofender Mapping Tool 

John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted and Steve Roddel of Family Watchdog have joined with the National Sex Offender Registry to provide a unique and powerful mapping tool to locate registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, anywhere in the U.S.A.  FREE!

All you need to do is click on the link below, enter your address and almost instantly you will get a map of your neighborhood with color coded symbols for various types of sex offenders and their locations. Schools are also shown.  Click on a school to get its name and location and the distance to the nearest registered sex offender.  Click on a sex offender symbol and get a picture, an address, and how far from you he/she lives.  You can click again and find out what kind of offences are applicable.   

Some things to make it easier.  Use Internet Explorer for best results.  I found my Netscape was not up to the mapping capability.   With Internet Explorer, you can zoom in, navigate to nearby neighborhoods, and even bring up a satelite image with the streets and offender codes overlaid on it with your house marked right where you left it.  

You need to know, just so you don’t get too confident over the safety of your neighborhood, that you need to look along the top edge of your map.   It will show you how many “non-mappable” offenders are in the area.   If you click on the “list” at the top, you can see a complete list of the non-mappable offenders.  Thes include those in jail, but it also includes some that may be on your street, but the street number could not be found in the map index and so the address is given, but it won’t be mapped because it has no exact place to put it down.   You can at least find their picture and know from the address they are close by.   Anyway, this is powerful stuff.  Excellent application of several technologies.   Good work guys and gals.  

Click here: Map of Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

Since you found it here, send your friends and family to this site or else directly to the registry so that they can check their own neighborhoods.   

I found a convicted child molestor in a nearby neighborhood that lives in some woods only 290 feet from an elementary school.  Next door actually, with the woods leading right up to the school grounds.   Another school had 5 child molestors within 1/2 mile, the closest within 1000 feet.   Not a good idea.

In a few weeks, when I begin a series on the adult homeless population, I’ll give you a link to a dynamic map of the homeless as they move around.   Quite amazing.   The homeless are counted every week and mapped into a system that shows their location (no names) and then all are plotted on a map (as dots).   Then the maps are shown in sequence like an old time movie, but smoothed  so that you can see just how mobile the homeless in a big city can be.    Stay tuned. 

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6 responses to “Sex Offender Locator Mapping Tool from John Walsh

  1. This is a great tool. Especially if you have grandchildren and children that goes to school. This way a person can keep an eye out for these people. Thanks

  2. Providencia Rodriguez

    I would like to know if a sex offender lives near my home

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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  5. Mr. John Walsh,
    I have two boys that I can’t go to the park or beach with due to these many added restrictions to registration. My offense was a misdemeanor not involving a child. I live in Orange County California where a new ordinance outlaws RSO’s going to parks and beaches. I can’t fathom your loss sir, but I do fathom the fallout due to your loss. That fallout hurts more than it helps. For every one child these laws MIGHT protect they FOR SURE hurt thousands of families. These EX-sex offenders have paid their debt, but that’s not enough for you is it? I wonder if you are moved more by hatred for EX-offenders or by compassion for children. Only you can answer that, but me and my sons we’ll manage the loss of freedoms by you Adam’s father. My youngest son oddly looks a lot like your Adam. We ex-offenders had to go through embarrassment, therapy, time served, probation and yearly registration. When is it enough? Honestly, I don’t know how anyone as a RSO parent could comply. I know I’ve wavered by chancing my son’s ball games. Realistically compliance is impossible! Sir, is that what you stand for? Putting dad’s behind bars for going to their son’s ball game? I’m a 16 year Army veteran I’m not sure if this country is good enough for my son. Lost freedoms make it an un-American place to be! I fear it’s the hate caused by the guy that killed Adam that drives you more than the love for children. It’s the fruit of that hate other children and yes EX-offenders have to live with. If that’s the case then the winner wasn’t you sir, but the man that took your son. John, these are hard words to write, but I’m compelled to. Robert

  6. I totally agree with Robert!! My son is being charged right now with 5 felony’s for talking to an undercover detective in a yahoo chat room, no child porn, not one conversation with a child!! He was down on his luck at the time and very lonely and didn’t believe the person on the other end was 14 and he kept asking her if she was in college!! because she was talking to mature to be 14!! and to be in a chat on yahoo messenger there is a disclaimer that appears that says ” you must be 18 yrs of age to enter” so why would you think you were talking to a 14 yr old? My son has 2 small children and a wonderful father, I can’t bare if he is unable to take them to their school functions throughout their lives!!! You are wrecking the lives of innocent people !! The laws need to be re-written I will fight till I can fight no longer as I have had cancer stage 4 twice now!! My son has no record of any kind please I beg you please re-write this law!! It needs to be for real predators not for the good guys making mistakes!!!

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