New Series on Homeless Youth

As you may have noticed, I’ve sprinkled in a number of reports and research articles on homeless youth and runaways over the last several posts.  These are to get you oriented to a major problem in this country. 

The overall homeless problem is bad enough, with over 750,000 homeless out there on any night, rain or clear, hot or cold.    Some of the homeless are overrepresented by some of our population.   Homeless veterans, blacks, mentally ill, families, men – to give a few examples.   Homeless youth fall into that category too.  

We have runaway and throw away kids.  We have kids in homeless families, street kids, foster children that have outgrown foster care and on their own, kids living in culverts, in doorways, abandoned cars, sleeping with friends, hiding in basements, coping with homeless family life, always going to school hungry and ill equipped.  

It is a jungle out there.  I’ve previously done a series on homeless heroes – our veterans sleeping in the streets and back alleys.   Now it is time to highlight our homeless kids, our future legacy, growing up digging in dumpsters and selling their bodies for food, sometimes foraging alone and sometimes in groups, sometimes in gangs.   As the weekends go by, I’ll slip in some Habitat for Humanity articles to keep our volunteers happy and perhaps a few other pet things. 

Anyway, watch this space.   If you are particularly interested in this series, set this link in your favorites:  Homeless Youth

Anytime you click on it you will get all the homeless youth articles (just a few so far) with none of the other “stuff” you may not be interested in.    Or you can click on the “Add Oldtimer to Your Feed” button below my picture and you will get all new posts anytime you select that feed.   Nothing is downloaded to your computer except the link in your favorites bar.  Another way to get to any of these series is to look in the blogroll to the right.  Series articles are easily identified and click-able right there.

See you back here?   I have something to say.



One response to “New Series on Homeless Youth

  1. This is a great resource on our short commings and the failings of this information age. The foster care system fixes many problems but often times does not get to the root of the social mental problems and teach these kids social dynamics. The father didn’t help, probably running from the police or in jail because he couldn’t pay his child support – and I ask you should he feel guilty, how do you work when your in jail, or even once you get out!

    They suffer from neglect and get passed through to the next grade because it’s easier. End of story.

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