Homeless Veterans – Overview of the Problem

I’ve recently posted a Homeless Veterans – Summary article which I have retitled and copied to a special page titled “Homeless Veterans – Overview of the Problem” (see the links above my banner).   I’ve added to it a link that pulls all of the Homeless Veterans series together,  more than 50 articles.   It is also copied below.

I invite you to come back and read this series.  It is an eye-opener.   The one thing you should gain is an understanding of how massive the problem is and how underfunded the VA allocations are for helping our Heroes sleeping on our sidewalks for lack of government help.    Veterans make up only 1/17 of the US population but 1/3 of the homeless population.   Considering male veterans, it is even worse.  Male veterans make up 43% of the homeless adult male population.  Something is dreadfully wrong.

If our government took care of our men and women who have served us in war so well, then the overall homeless problem could be reduced by 40% overnight. With 40% less to feed and clothe, our so generous secular and religious homeless service organizations could cope with the rest of the homeless problem so much better.

Read the complete overview here (reprinted below).

Find all the Homeless Veteran articles here (85 to  date)

There is a Problem and the VA is not stepping up to the plate to address it.

It should be obvious by now that our homeless veterans are not being served well at all.  If the homeless veterans were properly cared for by our country, the total homeless population would fall by more than 40 percent over night.

Homeless services would then have sufficient funding to move many of the rest of the homeless off the streets into transitional housing with services that bring them back into the working population.   It would be a dream come true.  If only our country would step up to the plate, homelessness in our country would be virtually eliminated.  If only….

Lets Summarize the Homeless Veteran Situation.

750,000 total homeless count in U.S
400,000  veterans are homeless at some time in a  year
200,000 veterans homeless in any one night

27% of our male U.S. population are veterans but:
43% of all homeless males are veterans – why?

7688 beds funded by the VA for homeless veterans
192,312 sleeping elsewhere – shelters, grates, creekbeds, back alleys.    We have Heroes sleeping on sidewalks in every big city.

The VA says homelessness is not related to military service, but:

Veterans are twice as likely to be homeless than civilians

You may think that homeless veterans served poorly in military, but:

95% of homeless vets have honorable discharges

The VA claims it has the largest network of homeless assistance programs in the country, but:

Total VA funding is only $1.37 per homeless vet per day.
VA funded beds provide for only 1 of every 26 homeless vets
VA funds only 7688 beds for 200,000 homeless veterans on any given night of the year.

Current (2007) grants cover only 1 bed per 192 mentally ill homeless veterans, and allocates only 14 cents a day per mentally ill veteran.  Fifteen states get none of these grant monies, 15 more get grants for one organization in the state, and 20 get the bulk of the funding.

The VA announced a 20% reduction in homeless vets over the last 6 years, but failed to say it was due to the way they count them.  The number they reported hasn’t changed in the last four years.  During the same period, more than 23% of our Vietnam vets died.

The mix of homeless veterans has changed in the last 9 years
1997             2006
Korea             1o%               4%           almost gone
Vietnam          42%              39%        dying out
Gulf War         10%              16%        rapidly increasing

Our Korean veterans are getting old and dying out
Our Gulf War veterans are increasing rapidly
Our Vietnam veterans have the largest homeless rate by far.

Fact:  If our country stepped up to the plate and provided for our homeless veterans,  the homeless population would fall instantly by 43 percent.

Note:  To find all of the more than 85 Homeless Veterans articles Click Here

I’ve made a few of the posts dealing with useful facts pages that are listed above the banner at the top of this site.   (where you found this one).

Heroes don’t deserve

to be treated like this!

Write your Congressman!



2 responses to “Homeless Veterans – Overview of the Problem

  1. I actually think this article is highly interesting. I have been to two VA hospitals as a homeless veteran. I have been a service connected patient for a year, and have a hard time making appointments with the VA because of being homeless. In the time I have been a patient I have become homeless and the VA recognizes that since I am listed “HOMELESS” in my file. I have been to see two social workers. Both have asked me three questions. 1. Do you need a place to sleep? I said: What do you have? She replied: A shelter. I asked: Is it full of crackheads and court ordereds? She said: I guess you have been here before? I said: No, and I am not interested then. She asked: Where are you staying? I replied: I have a campsite. She replied: OK. She then said: Is there anything else I can do? I said: Is that it? thats all you got? She said: yeah. I Said: the only difference between this place and the department of social services is that there the signs are in both english and spanish. And she was so dense she said: Oh we are both slow? I guess so!

    That was the extent of homeless services I have received from the Veterans Administration.

  2. The VA hospital in Portland, Or sends all of its homeless veterans to T##, INC.( ran on the prison model). They have contract beds for homeless veterans @ $46.00 a night (the clean motel six is $27.00 a night) but the place also is packed with child sex offender, preditory homosexual crack addicts, released violent felons, freaked out meth-heads, AIDS infected street hustlers, and on & on. That is what the VA does to veterans. And to top this off, the VA forces the homeless veterans to attend “How do you like your new shelter” group therapy, Where the phoney therapist asks “Why do you have problems staying at that shelter, how do you feel about that?” INSANE!

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