Habitat House – Dinner on the Slab

Dinner on the Slab was just perfect.  Perfect weather, perfiect food, perfect slab – really best concrete work any of us had ever seen.  Almost polished looking.  Flat, square, and smooth.  Good freinds, homeowner, neighborhood kids, crew chief, site manager, Coalition members.  

Here are a few pictures. 

Dinner on the Slab

The Dinner Party with materials for the house stacked around.  Neighbor houses in various levels of completion.   Habitat for Humanity is building 50 homes in this neighborhood.  

 Homeowner Joi

Homeowner Joi   Just look at that smile!

Neighbor youngster

A picture no one could resist.   This youngster lives next door and we invited him and his two brothers to eat with us.  All he had to say was Mmmmmmm good!

Tonight we partied – fine wine, beer, great food, great people.  Tomorrow we build!  Tomorrow a new home for Joi will begin to take shape. 


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