Picture Worth Thousand Words

My previous post gave a few statistics to illustrate the homeless problem among our veterans.   5.7 percent of the population vs 27.6 percent of the homeless.   Some of you are more visual oriented, so I thought I might make a chart showing the veterans and the homeless makeup.  The charts below illustrate my point nicely and also illustrate that is even worse than you feared.Homeless Pie Chart  

The area inside the red sector represents the veterans in both charts.

Not only do the homeless make up more than 1/4 of the homeless, they make up almost 60 percent of the homeless male population.   That’s right, more than half the adult males you see on the street served as wartime soldiers.  The ones we are told to support, as in “Support our Troops”.  

How can the VA suggest that there is no causal relationship among homeless veterans due to military service?    They can because they are not funded or equipped to do anything about it.   So they hide the problem behind the same kind of weasel-words that this country has always used to dishonor our troops when they are of no further use.

Oldtimer’s Comment:  Click For All homeless veterans articles


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