Nut Cases with Guns

The trouble, as I see it, is you can’t tell the law abiding citizen that shows up to buy a gun legally from the fellow that is off his medicine and plotting to kill as many as possible who also shows up to buy a gun legally. Somehow it seems necessary to find a way to sort out these people from the ones who won’t do such a thing and/or tone down the firepower by a considerable measure.

Cho Seung-hui purchased both guns legally and carefully observed the waiting period between them.   Yet he clearly planned to go on a murderous rampage early on.    A nut case with a gun.  Most people would say it is a given that most of the more senseless shootings are by the nut cases of our society.  I won’t cite them, but please show me where I’m wrong.

There is no question that there are many deaths every year from gangsters robbing someone, from gangs trying to make a name or to pass initiation rites, from spouses killing spouses, and from victims shooting in self defense and many other situations where insanity (other than claimed temporary) is not a real factor.  Greed, jealousy, pride yes, but insanity no.  

Yet the mass killings and the serial killings are clearly done by unbalanced individuals, sometimes two insane people that have, through some misfortune of fate, found and feed on each other.  

Somehow we need to find a way to sort these nut cases out before they get to the gun shop.  Maybe more should be done to strengthen our reporting laws when these people begin to show telltale signs.  

Either that or reduce the firepower of the weapons back to the good old days when a six shooter could only shoot six and you had to cock and pull the trigger each time.    We had a magazine capacity limitation on that weapon, but it was removed so a larger capacity could be used.  Whose idea was that?   Surely not the gun lobby?

If I am going to be in a classroom with a nut case, I would want him or her, but usually him, to have a pea shooter, not an automatic or semi-automatic weapon.  Maybe one which swiveled around to point the wrong way between firing and had to be repositioned each time…  Gimme a chance.

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